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8 Plants That Will Surely Clean The Air At Your Home According To NASA

There are many things you can do to clean the air in your home.

First, stop buying products made with toxic chemicals that pollute your living space. Products such as air fresheners, vinyl flooring, pressed wood made with formaldehyde and harsh solvents fill the air with harmful chemicals that damage their health.

There is no “safe” commercial air fresheners.

According to the Environmental Working Group, “Some companies offer ingredient lists on its website in response to consumer demand, but the word” perfume “can hide dozens of products chemicals, many of which have never been evaluated for safety. ”

If you do not even have control over what is in knowing a product, that is a huge red flag that does not want it at home.

home ventilation by opening a window, even for a few minutes a day will improve your indoor air quality.

In addition, placement of common houseplants in various rooms of your home is a way to grow fresh air.

According to recent NASA study that focused on some of the chemical pollutants most common indoor houseplants made a significant reduction, especially benzene and formaldehyde.

The study suggests that the roots of the plants and their associated microorganisms are the main means of chemical removal. Furthermore, these results indicate that plants can play an important role in removing organic chemicals from indoor air.

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These are the most recommended plants 8 surely disinfects and detoxify the air in your home:

– peace lily

– snake plant

– Aloe Vera plant

– English Ivy

– Mama Margarita / pot florist

– Stick

– Gerbera

– weeping fig

Do not Worry home can smell delicious with the suggestions above replacement.

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