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8 Effective Ways To Improve Your Child’s Sleeping Habits


Most parents have a hard time putting their babies and toddlers to sleep. Children between 1-3 years old are often more difficult to put to sleep. The reason is that at this age they are more interested in exploring their environment instead of going to bed. They are inquisitive, curious and excited as they grow and evolve with each passing day. But the dream is an essential aspect of your child’s growth as growth hormone is released during sleep. Also, a regular pattern will help your child to regulate their cycle / her dream is very important for his / her overall development.

Results some effective ways by which you can improve sleep habits your child

1. refrain to give the child any foods high in sugar and beverage and foods containing caffeine because it can disrupt the sleep cycle.

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2. avoid any kind of stimulus activity as sport or indoor games that can make your child too active before bedtime.

3. Off TV and computers two hours before bedtime. The display light interferes with the sleep cycle. Also, discourage the use of tablets and smartphones as the blue light of these devices interfere with the release of the sleep hormone (melatonin).

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4. set a time fixed bed and follow religiously. Be sure to put your child to bed at the same time every day so that his / her body clock gets used to this routine.

5. Make routine bedtime short including counting or reading your child’s favorite story. Familiarity makes them feel safe and secure and induces restful sleep.

6. Make sure your child feels comfortable while sleeping. They should be a comfortable, loose use, clothing size and soft tissue. The room temperature should be comfortable.

7. If your child is afraid, can he / she sleep with his / her favorite toys that can make him / her feel comfortable and safe.

8. You can also encourage bedtime for reward system giving stars to go to bed on time and rewarding with a small gift or hours of extended play over the weekend .

So, go ahead and try these effective ways to help your child get a good night’s sleep. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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