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8 Early But Dangerous Signs of Diabetes On Children You Should Know!

Diabetes is a deadly disease that make the body unable to control blood sugar. It is also one of leading cause of death in the world.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, cataracts, heart attack and kidney failure.

Unfortunately, the number of children and adolescents with diabetes are increasing.

In order to avoid these horrible side effects, you have to be more aware of the symptoms in their children so that you can prevent any fatal complication.

know these symptoms to detect them in your child before it is too late.

1. Lose Weight:

Sudden weight loss can occur if your body does not have sugar supplies energy. As a result, fat stores and muscles shrink.

2. Blurred vision:

Sugar is pulling liquid lenses outside the eye, and that makes it difficult to focus.

3. Abnormal thirst:

great thirst is one of the easiest to detect symptoms. This is because diabetes causes sugar accumulates in the blood, which in turn causes the tissue water.

4. Frequent Urination:

Because their children are drinking too much, of course, their children go to the bathroom more often.

5. Itchy skin:

poor circulation or yeast infection can make your skin itchy.

6. Mood swings:

If your child is grumpy suddenly, you may have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

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7. The intense hunger:

Without enough insulin, sugar is not moving through the cells in the body. As a result, your child will be hungry even if he / she just ate.

8. Exhaustion:

People diagnosed with diabetes may experience unusual tiredness, which is due to the lack of sugar in your body cells.

If you notice that your child has these symptoms, immediately take medical advice.

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