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8 Drinks To Make Before Bed That Will Detox Your Liver And Burn Fat All Night Long …

Sleep is the best time for the body to undergo detoxification as the body itself begins the reconstruction and regeneration of tissues during sleep. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver, which is the most important organ of detoxification, it operates at its optimum capacity 01 a.m.-03 a.m.

For that reason, we must do everything possible to ensure the best conditions for proper detoxification. He is having had fallen into a deep sleep (about 11 hours) before the process is the key to effective detoxification.


Another important requirement is to have sufficient liquid for detoxification so that the body is not overloaded with toxins, which tend to be released during cleaning. proper detoxification also speed up the metabolism, which is crucial for overall health, because it allows the body to reduce the accumulation of toxins and fat more effectively.

There are certain teas and drinks ou can consume before bed that can potentially help with this important bodily function as follows …

8 Great Bedtime detox drinks

chamomile tea

This tea is slightly bitter because of its sesquiterpenlactones content that helps their first liver detoxification pathways. Chamomile also is considered to have an action on the nerves in the body which means that it is used to calm the nerves that help us relax and sleep.

Finally, this herb has anti-inflammatory effects that help the body further treating intermediates of detoxification which can cause higher than normal levels of inflammation in the body.

Water Lemon

lemon water is one of the most beneficial detox drinks. You need to consume lemon water on a daily basis, as it will increase alkalinity levels in your body. Alkalinization is very important because it is the way of life with healthy habits.


Jujube fruit

This amazing fruit improves liver function and strengthens the pancreas. It also promotes better sleep by calming the mind, which is very important for the proper functioning of the liver overnight.

Lotus seed core tea

This is another herb TCM (Lian Zi is the Chinese name) that can be beneficial to do as a tea overnight. This herb is useful if stress, anxiety and racing thoughts keep you up at night. It helps calm the mind and can even help if you have heart palpitations.

lavender can also be added to this tea to further reduce anxiety and calm the nerves.

Rose Tea

Rose is a wonderful herb that is closely related to the heart meridian that is connected to our emotions. Perhaps this is why the rose remains the symbol of love through the ages. Rose is very useful to ensure the proper flow of energy from the liver, since the inadequate flow of Qi (or energy) can lead to depression.

relief of this depression is essential for a good sleep because unhealthy thoughts lead to the consumption of the blood that is necessary for good detoxification. Rose tea also helps the circulation of blood throughout the body due to its astringent properties and a high concentration of tannins, which, once again, help eliminate toxins, ensuring a good flow through the organs detox.

mint tea

peppermint can be very useful if you have had a great meal at night, because it improves digestion because of its high amount of menthone and menthol. This amazing herb can effectively treat the symptoms of overeating can lead to sleep disorders.


Because the liver is also involved in the digestive process, peppermint tea may be useful for operation with its powerful healing properties.

Oatstraw tea

oat tea has great nutritional tea. Oats to be consumed as a breakfast because f the benefits it contains is recommended.

You will be help in case of making a liver detox drink, and eliminate toxins.

tea Schizandra Berry

Last but not least I need to mention schizandra berries. These berries, when infused in hot water, create a good fruity tea that can easily protect the liver from many of the harmful intermediate products created through their detoxification pathways.

There are numerous studies showing significant hepatoprotective constituents schizandra capabilities as its content of lignans.


One thing to keep in mind with detoxification and weight loss is that it requires large amounts of liquids. This is another thing that tea before bedtime can help, as it will add to your daily fluid intake. Also, remember that adequate sleep is essential for the proper functioning of its organs. Try to be asleep around 11 pm, so they are asleep before 1 am.

You can start changing your bedtime for at least one hour and hold it for a week or two until you are ready to change it for another hour and gradually achieve their goal. Remember that changes in diet and lifestyle takes time to get used to, and you should be good for your body and do not press too hard.

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