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8 Diet Tips To Help You Keep Your Weight In Check This Festive Season

Weight loss can be a great fight, as they tend to become obsessed with fad diets restrictive and strenuous exercise routines that usually are not sustainable. The end result is always the despair and the return to bingeing with a vengeance. That is why I insist on healthy diet and lifestyle in place, such as remodeling your eating habits with small changes can provide lasting and sustainable results.


Weight loss does not have to be an impossible dream, as they have to get rid of 10 kg or 80; just incorporate these recommendations into your daily diet and you should be well on your way to not only lose weight but also keep it in the future.

diet tips for weight loss and weight maintenance This festive season

Yes, I emphasize weight maintenance because for any change of diet that really benefit someone, those changes have to be practical and should involve things you can keep doing long after achieving the immediate goal of weight loss. A big problem with fad diets is not working at all, but even when they do work, the results are temporary, after which problems with obesity begin to climb again. So here it is what you must do to lose pounds and keep them off.

1. Never stop breakfast!

You’ve probably heard before, but it is something you should keep listening more often. When you are desperate to lose weight is easy to fall into the trap of skipping breakfast, you see as unnecessary calories when you’re not all that hungry. The truth is that eating breakfast will help you burn more fat during the day because it decreases the risk of glucose fluctuations that trigger food cravings. It also helps regulate the metabolism rate and these combined benefits can significantly help with weight loss. Just remember, the demolition of cakes and donuts rich in sugar is not a healthy breakfast – instead of trying oat consuming, milk fresh fruit smoothies or shakes, a bowl of fruit salad, eggs on toast, and so on

[ 2. Watch your portion size

Overeating is one of the major causes of weight gain as you take in more calories than you burning. The food portion control, therefore is one of the most important habits that can instill that will take you closer to achieving the goals of weight loss. This can be easily achieved by using plates and serving spoons smaller, and eat slowly so they are more aware of how much you are eating and are aware of when your hunger has been satisfied.

3. SIP in some green tea

Green tea is fashionable with fitness enthusiasts for the first time is a trend that is really healthy! This wonderful tea gets most of the benefits of polyphenols and catechins, which are natural compounds in tea leaves. Catechins or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) mixture -Caffeine help to some extent with weight loss and weight control, As shown in some studies but its major benefits in terms of loss weight are indirect, since it promotes other healthy behaviors, reducing cravings for other unhealthy drinks such as soft drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices synthetic. You can also try to use other infusions for weight loss if you like to have a little more variety.

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4. Cut out the junk food

From burgers and fries, chips and packets of instant foods, processed foods are loaded with more salt, preservatives and artificial flavorings. Its high content of sodium causes water retention which increases body weight temporarily, but more worrying is the increased risk of hypertension, heart disease and other ailments. Most of these foods also contain trans fats and hydrogenated oils cause weight gain and increase the risk of coronary artery disease. Instead you can make healthy home cooked variations of these healthy burgers healthy food or kale chips . The healthier to form habit would be to chop fresh fruits and nuts between meals, rather than resorting to junk foods.

5. Check your sugar intake

As mentioned above, it is better to restrict food rather than eliminate them completely. While is an empty calorie sugar with absolutely no nutritional value, all have cravings for sweets, so instead of trying to avoid these treats completely, just indulge in them occasionally. Keep track of how much you are eating and make healthier choices. Furthermore, to limit consumption of desserts, ice cream and cakes, should also be extremely cautious about hidden, or we take for granted sugars. Yes, we’re talking about your cup of tea or coffee, ketchup, cola drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices, cuttlefish, and cookies. Add less sugar to your cup of tea or having a cup instead of two; Similarly, they have fresh fruit juices instead of canned. Look at food labels more closely to track sugar content.

6. Extension of fiber intake

Dietary fiber from fruits and vegetables can greatly help with weight loss for a variety of reasons. Soluble fiber slows digestion, stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol levels, while insoluble fiber improves bowel movements and digestion by fixing the water passing through the digestive tract. The combined effect is weight loss, as the slower and more efficient digestion, along with levels of blood sugar better regulated, it ensures that you do not experience sudden food cravings. Moreover, the slower digestion promotes greater satiety for much longer, so they are less likely to overeat or crave junk foods. Moreover, several studies have shown intake of dietary fiber reduces the risk of heart disease significantly. Whole grains such as oats and fruits like apples and bananas are a good source of fiber.

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7. Stay hydrated

Increasing water intake can increase weight loss more than you think. Too often confuses thirst with hunger and satisfy the craving for pampering our taste buds with tasty dishes that are not particularly healthy. Making it a point to stay hydrated reduce the frequency of hunger, which helps reduce calorie intake. If you find it difficult to remember to drink a glass of water, you can even reminder install applications on your smartphone water .

8. Time your meals

Eating meals at regular hours helps control hunger and improves digestion, the body is attuned to the routine. When it comes to dinner, you should try to eat meals at least 2 hours before bedtime as this minimizes the risk of indigestion and other problems. There is much concern about the risk of weight gain meals late at night, but the increased risk of weight gain comes from snack food that comes back at night.

While it may not be possible for you to take all these habits healthy while eating, you can make one change at a time, gradually transforming the way we perceive food and consumed. In addition to making these kinds of positive changes in your diet, you can also try to be more active, not necessarily by gyming, but by walking, swimming, or engage in any physical activity or sport that you enjoy. With these changes in your diet and lifestyle, weight loss does not seem to be much of a challenge

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