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7 Yummy Fresh Spinach Recipes you will Love

What’s that green on my burger? No cattle eat foods “- sounds like? Or it says this often with a look of disgust on his face or someone you know does. Greens do not enjoy the top spot on delicious of all meters. But that’s all going to change once you try these delicious recipes fresh spinach.

Your mother wants you to eat spinach and a nutritionist strongly recommended – always tried to find out why

This super food is low in calories and high in nutrients. Including spinach in your daily diet can improve their blood sugar to control diabetes, lowers the risk of cancer and asthma, blood pressure remains low and increases strength in his bones. Still not convinced to try it? Let’s see what the body is missing:

  • Low in calories, high in protein: A cup of raw spinach contains only about 27 calories, most of which are proteins, which is good for the skin, hair and muscles
  • good for the heart. spinach also contains potassium in the diet rather than the banana; more iron to help your body use energy better and magnesium in the diet for better muscle function and heart.
  • Good for the digestive system :. Spinach is also high in fiber and water, which keeps the digestive system working well

Now you know why Popeye swears by his can of spinach. It’s your turn to try these recipes fresh spinach.

Because it is a very versatile vegetable, you can make a lot of spinach salad recipes and recipes of frozen spinach. You can use fresh, frozen or canned spinach for these recipes. Little known recipes are cupcake fresh spinach spinach pizza with spinach filling and spinach in pasta or soup. Be prepared to make some delicious spinach dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Here are 7 hydrant fresh spinach recipes that can be easily spread:

1) Hot Spinach Dip Red Pepper

guilty of all those fried chips and candy you are putting into your body? Add a dose of goodness with some creamy frozen in spinach. This immersion in hot red pepper can be used as an overextended toast – breakfast just got spicier

Fresh Spinach Recipe Red Pepper Dip

Hot-Spinach-Red Peppe Preparation

This recipe spinach frozen is spicy and not remind you of green leaves. Enjoy the creamy sauce with crackers or bread.

2) strawberry salad R ECIPE with spinach

Okay, it’s possible that was not big fan of spinach. But who can say no to the strawberry? This is for fans health-, boring bland diet full meal – this is the recipe for fresh spinach salad that have been waiting for

how to cook fresh Strawberry Spinach Salad

Fresh Spinach Recipes - Strawberry Spinach Salad Preparation

This recipe fresh spinach dressed with a delicious vinaigrette dressing will have to spooning in all nutrients, without even thinking twice before green in their bowl.

3) Alfredo pizza R ECIPE with spinach

pizza! – Yes, it’s party time with some healthy green leaves. This small change in your usual pizza farm will leave you wanting more and, of course, spinach not interfere with the good time that your taste buds are having. If you like to cook a good pizza at home, try this recipe.

Spinach in the Pizza

Spinach Pizza Preparation

You will find all the ingredients for this recipe for spinach pizza gourmet frozen at any store near you. Once you have your supplies, this spinach pizza is pretty easy to make and very healthy dose of cheesy enough guilt.

4) Scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan cheese

This is a recipe fresh spinach egg ilicious that packs a lot of flavor. Try this for an appetizer or as a side dish for lunch luxury. It works well with toast for breakfast too.

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Fresh Spinach Recipe - Scrambled Eggs


This simple recipe is easy goodness of eggs and spinach. The egg flavor dominate the dish and therefore maintain the presence of spinach under control.

5) spinach and carrot Pulao

A healthy meal rich in iron, vitamins and flavor. Pack some vegetables in their lunchbox and not even know they are there.

Carrot Pulao With Spinach

Fresh Spinach Recipes With Garlic Chips

Try this quick and easy recipe fresh spinach for lunch -. Optimal flavor and high in nutrition

6) Recipe of fresh spinach with garlic fries

time to see some real vegetables on your plate. Before making that face, I assure you that you’ll love. So take saute pans and let cook.



You can enjoy this dish of spinach as it is or has to with the pasta. Seafood lovers can take in some prawns and meat lovers can have this as a side dish for a steak.

7) Spinach and blueberry muffins

spinach in a cupcake? If! Let’s go to bake some green and have to sweet. Even kids gobble them this.

Freshc Spinach Recipes - Muffins with Spinach and Bluberry

Fresh Spinach Recipe - Spinach and Blueberry Muffins Preparations

Therefore, spinach delicious recipe Are you trying first? Let us know how delicious it was.

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