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7 Ways to Improve Your Health in 1 Minute (Or Less)


often think that staying healthy requires a major commitment … The long hours of exercise, diet, planning study food labels, or choosing the right supplements.

But some of the most important things you can do take almost no time at all. Here are seven science-backed strategies that can improve your health in a minute or less:

  1. leave shoes at the door. This Japanese custom has enormous health benefits. Prevents toxic chemicals and allergens lawn enter your home. More importantly, the germs that stops at the door.

Researchers at the University of Arizona wanted to find out what microbes to track people in their homes. They got issues new shoes to wear for two weeks. They then tested outside of shoes for germs. The plants were full of germs. On average, more than 420,000 units of bacteria are found in each shoe. 1

More than a quarter of the bacteria were E. coli. It can cause serious infections that can be fatal. Klebsiella bacteria also found. This germ causes pneumonia and bloodstream infections. Another common germ is ficaria Serratia shoes. Causes lung infections.

When the shoes were not removed at the door, the researchers found that more than 90% of bacteria in the plants were transferred to the floors throughout the house.

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  1. brush your tongue. The back of the tongue is full of bacteria. They can give you bad breath. And they can make you sick.

A study published in 2014 Biomed Central Oral Health found that brushing language significantly reduces a germ called F. nu cleatum . gum disease occurs.

When brushing your teeth, before rinsing, just take 30 seconds to lightly brush the top and bottom of the tongue.

  1. sneeze into the bend of the elbow. If a tissue is not available, most of us sneeze into our hands. Bad move.

And if you’re already sick, covering a sneeze hands makes it more likely that separates your germs to others.

Instead, sneeze into the bend of the elbow. It is cleaner than your hands and you will be more likely to keep your germs to yourself.

  1. Take a 20 second break of the screen. People working in a team can suffer eyestrain leading to headaches. This is known as “computer vision syndrome.”

Ophthalmologists have developed a simple “20-20-20 rule” to beat the disease. The rule is: For every 20 minutes you spend on a computer, the look of the screen for at least 20 seconds to something that is at least 20 feet away. This reduces eyestrain that causes headaches.

Better yet, get up and stretch your arms during the 20 seconds. This promotes blood flow, which further reduces the risk of a headache. 2

  1. taking vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 boosts your heart, protects you from Alzheimer’s disease, and causes your bones stronger . It takes about 20 minutes of direct sunlight each day to get enough vitamin D3. But many of us are up.
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If that’s you, take a supplement of vitamin D3. A daily dose of 5,000 IU is adequate for most people.

  1. Stress in 10 seconds. Stress is one of the biggest enemies of good health. When you feel stress take over, try this quick straightener: Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes.

Do this 10 times. It is a simple form of meditation that relaxes you and your “fight or flight” quickly turns off. 3

  1. hug someone. Scientists are discovering that social support is crucial for longevity and good health in general. 4 Even something as simple as a hug can help.

You would think that would be embracing will make them more prone to infectious diseases. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon found the opposite. The researchers studied the social habits of 404 adults. Those who habitually friends embraced and his family were less prone to colds. What’s more, when lovers were sick, the symptoms were less severe.

lead researcher said: “The apparent protective effect of hugs can be attributed to physical contact itself, or hugging to be an indicator of behavioral support and intimacy.” 5

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In good health,

Angela Salerno
Executive Director, INH Health Observatory

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