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7 Tips for Women With ADHD

Many women feel a huge sense of relief when they learn they have ADHD. They feel happy that this is “only” ADHD, since before being diagnosed blaming themselves for their struggles. Many women with undiagnosed ADHD feel inadequate and stupid.


Having ADHD is not a reflection of their intelligence. In fact, many people with ADHD are extremely bright and have above average intelligence.

However, many women assume that the reason I can not seem to master the everyday tasks that others seem to do it effortlessly is because they are not intelligent.

that you may experience:

  • psychological distress
  • feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • a sense of inadequacy
  • low self-esteem
  • chronic stress
  • feeling out of control

However, when he realizes that he has ADHD, feelings of inadequacy fade, putting him in a better position to treat and manage symptoms of ADHD.

Why I not know I had ADHD in school?

Generally, girls with ADHD are less hyperactive and inattentive, which is one of the reasons why they are diagnosed less than men. It is much easier for the teacher to notice a hyperactive than a day dreaming girl child.

There are other reasons, too. A smart girl with ADHD can successfully hide his ADHD, while she is at school. The school provides the structure and deadlines, which are very useful when you have ADHD.

Classes are small enough for her to develop relationships with their teachers, who give their extra motivation to study and submit assignments on time.

Girls are more concerned that children what people think about them. They will do everything possible to accommodate the expectations of teachers and fellow students.

This can lead to anxiety and perfectionism; However, if the ratings are good, then usually no warning signs arise.

After graduating from high school, problems may begin to appear. When the structure of the school is no longer in place and the academic level is higher, the symptoms of ADHD may begin to cause problems The same is true in the workplace, where you are required to manage their own time and not have such external accountability.

Women have hyperactivity?

Yes, women may be diagnosed with ADHD hyperactive-impulsive, although less frequently than women with ADHD inattentive. Having hyperactivity poses its own challenges. For example, it is difficult for an overactive woman fits what is generally accepted as acceptable behavior for girls and women.

If you have ADHD hyperactive-impulsive or combined type that could be considered a tomboy because their behavior seems so different to what the social norms are for girls. You may find you have more physical energy of their peers and be accused of talking nonstop.

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Because it might have looked different memories of feeling rejected, judged and ostracized by their peers. This rejection can continue into adulthood as well.

Women and Home

Women with ADHD have an additional source of shame and guilt that men with ADHD usually do not face and that is the management of the house. Traditionally, women were in charge of the house, taking care of household chores, laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, child care, and often the budget and paying bills, too .

Unfortunately for people with ADHD, those things are very hard. Are everyday tasks without external deadline.

No matter how supportive your partner is, we live in the 21st century or who has a job outside the home, most women feel they must be good at these things. It may be the area of ​​constant struggle and can take a toll on your self-esteem.

7 tips to live your best life If you are a woman with ADHD

  1. diagnosis is made : If you think you have ADHD, but not yet officially been diagnosed, make this your priority! Make a diagnosis has a very positive effect on how you feel about yourself. One study found that women were able to forgive themselves for mistakes in the past and feel more in control of your life today, once were diagnosed with ADHD. Knowing they were not crazy and that there was a name for what they were going provided a huge sense of relief.
  2. co-existing conditions : ADHD rarely travels alone, which means you can have one or more conditions, in addition to their ADHD. Do not be alarmed. Knowing that the conditions that have allowed to treat each of them directly, which in turn means it can be your healthiest. The most common condition that women coexisting with ADHD experience are depression, anxiety, alcoholism, eating disorders, and chronic sleep deprivation. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what condition is that because they can mask each other, so work closely with your doctor to identify what you have.
  3. aside the feeling of guilt domestic : Do not feel guilt or shame that your home is not as tidy as its neighbors. There are more important things in life to worry about. Learn some forms of ADHD used to organize and clean your house, but do not let it gnaw away at your confidence. In addition, it is well to hire a cleaner or let your spouse do things that are not good, while you concentrate something that is easy for you to do.
  4. Driving : Women with inattentive ADHD are at greater risk of accidents while driving because of their inattention. Here are some strategies for safe driving. Consider driving a car with a manual gearbox instead of automatic, because it forces you to be more engaged at the time with and less likely to zone out. Before you start driving, turn off the phone so you will not be distracted by incoming calls or texts. Do not talk on the phone, even with a headset. Never drink and drive or take recreational drugs as they can further reduce your attention.
  5. Perfectionism : Neglecting the need to be perfect. Pursuit of perfection can help you feel in control, but they would be spending too much time doing little things that do not have a big impact on your life at the expense of more important tasks. For example, you may spend hours to find the perfect font size for a report for work, leaving aside to start a presentation that is due tomorrow. Since you have such high standards for itself, the internal pressure to be perfect you can also stop start a task because it feels overwhelming.
  6. Speed ​​: Many women say that it takes longer to do things than other people. For example, the usual tasks at work, perhaps in response to an email, forms of presentation or timesheets or household chores. If this is true for you, then what you may not realize is that there are some things you can do to a record breaking speed. It might be or creating a marketing plan troubleshooting. Starting today, you will begin to notice what appears to be able to do faster than others. It is not a competition, but it will help to realize that while some things will take longer, have other talents that might not be in the habit of recognizing. When you can take a balanced their strengths and weaknesses, which will help your confidence and self esteem look.
  7. Hyperactivity : If you have hyperactivity, find an exercise or sport and take time every day to the morning, if possible. It will help you feel focused and calm. You may find that you have more male friends than female friends, and that’s okay! While some friends might say that their energy use, but also helps to look and feel at least 15 years younger. It can also be used in many positive ways. I know one woman who is overactive in nearly all charitable committees in their community. Everyone wants her to be involved because of his tireless energy.
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