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7 Tips for Eating Real Food on One Salary

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Note from Katie: I shared my own tips for eating healthy on a budget before and in this post, my friend Kimberly the Nourishing Gourmet shares some of his best tips for eating real food on one salary or as one of the spouses is in college. If you had asked me ten years I imagined my future life to look ago, I could have never imagined how my life is like now.

I would have been surprised to find that would mothering young children while my husband was in college, but I would have laughed out loud if someone told me I would be food blogs and books kitchen publication ! But I love, and it is much better than my original plans.

To make a long story short, after becoming interested in traditional food, nutrition and start my own food blog (when barely knew what a food blog was), my husband decided going to college.

He thrived in college, and our little family grew and ate well on a limited budget. It has not always been easy, and that often meant sacrifices for all of us, but it was possible. He graduated with honors from many school without taking any student loans, and we feel very blessed by our experience. These are some of the things I’ve learned from that time to eat well without a big budget for food.

effective system works best

can be very difficult to track all the food expenses, but when a cash system used everything becomes so visual that quickly realize where you are going their money and why. When you really have to count their pennies, I found that cash system was the best kept me on track better.

soon learned how to place in the supermarket, farmers market and to online shopping . In our tightest, I brought along a calculator in my shopping trips and expenses add it while putting items in my cart to make sure I was within my allotted amount. This literally helped me “count the cost” of specialty items and extra, just for fun items. Also reduce spontaneous purchases that were not really necessary.

Simple Food is frugal and delicious

also learned to enjoy meals, very simple real food. I did not feel comfortable buying conventionally raised chicken and beef, so he made sure to stretch our highest quality meats and seafood stews, curry and fried rice. I happen to really love lentils, especially in soups, so we have enjoyed many dishes of lentils and beans without a twinge of feeling deprived. I learned that even a simple recipe for lentil soup can be nutritious and precious, a chicken can stretch out on several main courses, and how to make a huge pot of homemade broth with remains of plants and chicken carcass.

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Keep track of favorite recipes frugal

I love experimenting in the kitchen. It is both a virtue and a vice. It is how I finish writing cookbooks, but can also be a strain on the budget if you are always trying new recipes and methods, as they often have to buy new items from the pantry. Therefore, the commitment. Some nights, experiment and have fun, and other nights we take a frugal favorite recipe that loves our family.

is amazing how much you can save after you’ve compiled a list (or a bulletin board) frugal, but nutritious recipes you like. Rotation of these thrifty in their favorite meal planning can help ensure that you are planning the right kind of food for your budget.

In general, do your own is less expensive

Although there are some exceptions, when you’re on a diet of real food, make your own food at home usually will save big amounts of money throughout the year.

I can make a pot ten bowl of soup for the same amount it costs to buy 1-2 bowls of soup. Making your own yogurt can save substantially.

Making your own bread, tortillas and bakery products is also given the power to be nutritionally superior for less.

Making your own broth cookies shakes popsicles, ice and vegetables lacto fermented is generally much less expensive to do at home, then buy out quality. Sure, there are some amazing brands out there now serving delicious, real food, and they are great! However, many of us can not fit into our budget, so we do our own house is the way we do the job real food.

be flexible

I learned to work with what was for sale or cheaper in the store, and it was in the season. Sometimes I had to quickly check my eating plan based on prices at the store, and it was a good ability to learn, because it helped me to take advantage of the items in your best price, rather than being completely stuck to my initial purchase.

If you can have a little leeway in their weekly food budget, which has a little overweight snatch pantry items for sale is a great way to build a store real food to have on hand.

Another way I learned to be flexible is using up what I have on hand, instead of running to the store to buy extra things for dinner. I made some delicious soups, salads, vegetable dishes and grilled just think outside the box and beyond a fixed recipe. It is also a great way to use leftovers!

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Remake food to serve again

Speaking of leftovers, which is really useful to deliberately make dishes that reheat well, or it can be remade into a new plate! But you can also do the same with other foods as well.

My mother-in-law used to make a beef stew amazing leftovers from a roast dinner. She had cube leftover meat and roasted vegetables in soup sized pieces, add the beef broth and chopped tomatoes, corn, and season well. It was one of the best soups I’ve tasted. Here is a great method for making a pot roast cooked in a slow cooker, and use the meat in three meals . Traditionally, stale bread was added to the soup thickeners, leftover rice


in the fried rice, rice or empanadas. Remains of oatmeal can be made into patties oatmeal to be fried and served with a little pure maple syrup. leftovers can be frozen smoothies at home pallets. There are many small ways to reduce food waste and re-served deliciously leftovers, which helps keep food costs down.

simple lives

In addition to all things culinary has been attempted, one of the reasons that could afford to eat well while we pay way my husband through school it was that choose to have a simple life without many other expenses.

This has become more difficult as our children have grown and we want other opportunities for them (like ballet classes!) That add to our monthly budget, but during their younger years, we find that we could focus on feeding them well, and did not need to spend much on new clothes for us, the parents, or expensive cars.

Our house is a mismatch of several leftover furniture from our parents, and things we found in clearance. And we have not tried to buy a house, while paying our way through college. It was a decision about priorities for us, one that I am thankful we were able to do.

This does not mean that I am frugal housewife perfect home. I am now a busy author and writer, and I need to go back to work my food budget for additional projects often food in which I work. However, it is a good thing that is easy to slip back into practices that make our food budgets go down substantially. Once you get the hang of certain practices, it is easy to fall back on them whenever necessary.

These are just some of the things I’ve learned about frugal, eating real food. To have more?

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