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7 Super Simple Workouts That Will Eliminate Lower Back Pain Fast

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No matter if you are constantly active throughout the week, or if you just stayed at home on the couch every day, back pain occurs unexpectedly to everyone. If the pain becomes constant, stretching could be a simple way to get relief, or you could do small exercises to help relieve the narrow feelings, and achey. It will also help to reduce the possibility of cramps and spasms. Find out what to do to start feeling better …

1. Simple sit ups.

Find a chair, sofa, or something else slightly elevated leg to rest. Stand with your back on the floor thighs against the side of the couch with your knees bent and calves resting on top sofa cushion. Then put your arms behind your head and bring your elbows to your knees in a sitting training.

2. Ready for rotations.

In this position, you are sitting with your knees bent in an upward position. Then, with hands behind neck start slowly turning his body touching the elbow to the opposite knee, turning back to the center, then make the same move in the other direction. In addition, the closer you have the feet to the head, the more you will feel the abdominal muscles.

3. Hugging Knees.

In order to make this position, will have to start laying on his back. Then slowly bend your leg at the knee, reach, grasp the shins, and slowly bring down his chest. It is important to keep applying pressure until you feel a stretch right, and then lower the leg back on the floor, and repeat this process with the other leg.

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