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7 Signs of People With Integrity

“Integrity” is a word you hear almost every day, but not a word that people spend a lot of time thinking. If you try to define it, what would you say? According to the dictionary, integrity is “firm adherence to a code of special moral or artistic values.” In other words, the root of integrity is doing the right thing, even when it is not recognized by others or convenient for you. A person with integrity is the antidote to self-interest. There are countless examples of integrity in daily life, and yet we rarely see some of the examples highlighted then acted out in our daily lives:

1. Parents apologizing to their children by excessive punishment or yelling at them .

Like animals, young children make an easy target. They are physically vulnerable because of the size and stature, and are emotionally vulnerable because they do not yet have the capacity cognitive to understand the complexities of life. When parents feel overwhelmed, it often follows that fit their children too hard or issue punishment . As a parent, I know how difficult it can be, but at the same time, they also know that delivering an apology to his son when it’s gone too is far from something he or she deserves and that is an absolute sign of integrity .

2. Chiefs highlighting the achievements of his staff ‘and downplaying their own .

As a practicing psychologist, I’ve heard some pretty extreme stories in my office. Based on these stories, the percentage of managers or bosses who are narcissists appears, sadists, or even sociopaths to be exceptional. Wherever you have power, you will find someone nearby who is gunning for him. However, the boss with integrity is a leader not because he or she wants to have power over others, but because of being a natural product leader is good to keep things organized, using challenging situations with skill. In short, the leaders with integrity do not need to because they know they are good at what they do, and also have insight into the fact that they can get a better financial compensation than other workers. The good boss makes a constant effort to appreciate the contribution of a staff and to give them credit for a job well done. Unfortunately, this type rarely healthy and appropriate behavior seen in workplace . We desperately need more bosses integrity throughout.

3. romantic couples boycotting vicious insults or other behaviors .

Let’s face it: There are infinite ways you can try a bad romantic partner. Every day, in the old and new partners, rich and poor, men and women get nasty with others. At the end of the spectrum are distorted physical and sexual abusers; at the other end are the name-callers and angry, passive-aggressive types. ( Infidelity is a suitable complex subject for separate analysis.) No psychological study will never reveal the percentage of relationships that include unpleasant, below the belt behavior. However, there are couples out there fighting but never unfairly, they argue, but stop short of calling each other names. Couples, who may have problems with each other, but still manage to show a level of humanity and goodness, are made up of romantic couples showing integrity in everyday life. All observe and learn from them.

4. Drivers (almost) never use the horn or drive aggressively .

all have to share the road, no matter how annoying that reality might be. As you drive says a lot about you-how to people who do not know is; how to handle anger ; and the extent suffering of law. Perhaps you would like to believe that someone driving slowly or not aggressive is simply less busy than you, but driving in a cooperative manner that is aware of his fellow travelers is actually a sign of integrity. Let’s all try to practice more when we are driving.

5. People in positions of power apologizing to keep his captive audience waiting .

When someone feels important because they have more power than most people around them, often taken very seriously, and do not think about the feelings of others. I’m talking about the company’s top officers who do not make a conscious effort to apologize respondents work for long waits, either on the day of the interview, or during long periods between the interview and listen again about whether a candidate got the job.

Every day people in positions of power, savoring his power, does not give way interfering in time and demands of those who depend on them. When was the last time a doctor came into the exam room and recognized how long they have been made to wait? I have never heard a doctor say, “Sorry to keep you waiting,” or “Thanks for waiting, I’m sure it’s likely you’re busy,” In situations where there is an imbalance of important power, make no mistake :. The one with the power apologizes which has less power is showing integrity in good faith.

6. Any person who gives another person the benefit of the doubt when the circumstances are unclear.

Modern life is more demanding and pace than ever before, and suffering from stress on a continuous basis. When we are stressed, they are more likely to get others defensive and authorship. But if each of us could learn to give people the benefit of doubt across the board, whether in a discussion about a job is not completed, or in response to feedback suggesting that someone has spoken bad about you-would have less stress in our daily lives. One of the most noble behaviors that can participate in is to give someone the benefit of the doubt before rushing to judgment or negatively fill in the blanks yourself.

7. Volunteers.

As a society, which do not lend just enough. However, a handful of men and women make voluntary an integrated part of their weekly life, either in a church food bank, animal shelter, or other non-profit operation. a certain level of integrity to volunteer for a period of a day here or there shown, but the stable integrity shown by those who are committed to ongoing volunteer positions that require real sacrifice of time. Greetings to all parents who train sports of their children equipment but even louder applause for those volunteers who provide a service to for the most disadvantaged community or strangers.

The good news about integrity is not born with it or without it, which means it is a behavior-based virtue can grow over time. We can set a goal to show more integrity in everyday life and that we can achieve this goal by practicing behaviors above as well as many others that often go unnoticed.

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