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7 Short Weight Loss Tricks

Most women throughout most of its life trying to be on a diet to lose weight or to maintain a thin line. And they know that the right choice of food and the practice of physical activity guarantee success.
However, there are some quick little tricks that in the long run that will give great results. In just 1 minute you can do a lot for your line.

Use flaxseed
. Sprinkle a tablespoon of your morning cereal or add it to your favorite salad. The fiber contained in the flaxseed will help you feel thinner and carry fewer calories throughout the day.

dilute the juice. Instead of a whole glass of juice, add water to dilute drink a sugary drink and reduce its calorie content. Thus, with each cup is taken, is introduced to 80 calories less. This means that every year 2.5 kg weight is lost.

Read the label carefully. The labels of many products, enter the amount of calories in 100 g. product, ie, the calories are calculated according to the packet size. The container can be 250g. product, and calories are given only 100 g. At first glance you may be deceived by the number of calories. So read carefully.

Drinking green tea before exercise. One of the best things you can do before opting for a walk or run is to drink green tea. This will help increase the number of calories burned.

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frozen grapes as a quick dessert. Take a lot of them and rend all grains. Place them on paper towels and then in a freezer. Once frozen, remove the plastic box. Every time you want to eat something sweet, take a few grains of frozen grapes.

Buy foods in small packages. If you see that your favorite chips are the promotion and for the same money a larger package is obtained, do not take the promotion. People who buy large packages consume 45% more calories.

Replace butter with olive oil. Instead of putting butter on her bread, put some olive oil. about 50 fewer calories are consumed.

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