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7 sex tips for people with breathing problems

People with respiratory problems you can certainly enjoy sex if the necessary measures are taken. The British Lung Foundation (BLF) has come up with tips for those with breathing problems to help boost your sex life.

Dr. Noemi Eiser, medical director of the BLF, said people suffering from lung diseases did not have to “compromise privacy. it is important to talk with your partner about any concerns and are open-minded and understanding. creating a comfortable and trusting environment will prevent stress and shortness of breath, ‘ the Telegraph he would have said.

the brochure Sex and dyspnea recommends the following sexual advice for people with respiratory problems.

1. Having sex when you feel rested

Having sex when you feel rested and your breathing is at its best. adequate rest also will take care of any stress you may be having because of their day and it’s always good for your sex life.

2. Coughing hard before sex

If all you are going to cough, is best done in advance. Hacking cough before enjoying sex and will make your chest feels much lighter during the activity.

3. Do not have sex in the morning

Try to avoid having sex in the morning as is the time it will be very similar to produce more phlegm. If everything feels very excited by the morning enjoy masturbation or prior to release tension games.

4. Do not have sex after a heavy meal or too much alcohol

Having sex after a heavy food or too much alcohol is a bad idea for anyone with respiratory problems. Your stomach may feel bloated and her breathing will be weaker than normal. You do not need to have sex all day, so make a fixed time for sex when fully relaxed that should be a good idea.

5. Take breaks during intercourse

If you feel you’re extremely short of breath during intercourse, simply pause and take some deep breaths to regain his composure. You can resume sexual relations once again you feel comfortable.

6. Test positions that exert little pressure on the chest

The typical missionary position can exert too much pressure on the chest. Instead you could try to scoop positions.

7. Test home remedies

In addition to taking these measures, which will also be a good idea to deal with their problems. You could try home remedies like mint leaves or pudina to reduce coughing and asthma . Besides these, avoiding triggers of asthma attacks and consumption of foods that build their immunity also help.

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