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7 Secret Things Your Tongue Is Trying To Tell You

The next time someone tongue out at you stick, grab him and take a good look. This not only scare the heck out of them, you get a transcript of close and personal health records. A growing body of evidence suggests that not only are our good languages ​​for tasting, moving bits of food around the mouth and the projection of our disdain or defiance to the world, they are also an effective way to get a heads up of what it is in crisis.

is likely to have been at least a few times in your life where you have seen something strange on his tongue while brushing your teeth before bed. Most likely it took a good long look, he thought, “That’s weird, I wonder what he did that,” he shrugged, and thought nothing more of it.

But far from being just a minor curiosity, variations in color and texture of the tongue can actually provide an important insight into your health. When you know what to look for, these variations can give a clue about whether you’re healthy or suffering from a serious disease that needs to be addressed. Such conditions may include diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, tooth decay or gum, or fungal infections.

We have gathered the seven most important signs to consider in their language, and what they mean in the language-speech.

1. Lumpy white tongue


If it appears that the language is similar to cottage cheese, which could have a yeast infection layer. This could mean anything from an oral thrush yeast infection to a Candida albicans overgrowth in your gut.

Yeast infections or weeds are often linked to things like antibiotics, chronic stress, excess sugar and contraceptives. Antibiotics are particularly problematic, with repeated use not only killing bad bacteria in your body, but also beneficial bacteria. With their populations exterminated beneficial bacteria in your gut and mouth, harmful bacteria can enter and take up residence.

Candida is perhaps the most famous opportunist following an attack of antibiotics, excessive stress, an overload of sugar or continued use of contraceptives. Candida is a natural way yeast in your gut, and under normal conditions provides really important for the functioning of your body as nutrient absorption and immune support . Antibiotics kill bacteria but are often unable to affect candida, which means that now has an expansive estate that has to grow and take root through your gut. This results in autoimmune problems, constant crave sugar, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, and often a “cottage cheese language.”

2. Small white spots tongue

Although we are on the subject of strange white patterns on your tongue, keep your eye out for it. Small white spots on the top or bottom of the tongue could mean that something is irritating directly inside your mouth. These patches (if they are without pain) are caused by excessive growth of cells in the tongue and are often associated with smokers. If you are in this group, beware! These patches have a strong likelihood of developing cancer. The solution?

3. Bright red tongue

This has probably got you worried, considering that seems to have eaten an entire basket of strawberries or maybe five beets in a row. A bright, bright red tongue often means a vitamin deficiency, particularly iron or B12 . These two vitamins are essential not only for a range of healthy functions in your body, you are also required for the maturation of the papillae of the tongue. If you are lacking in iron or vitamin B12, loss of means of papillae of the tongue acquires a smooth, almost shiny texture.

While you should not experience any pain or discomfort, severe iron or vitamin B12 deficiency and softness resulting from the tongue wretch can make eating hot or spicy foods. Basically, if you have a remarkably red, smooth tongue, consult your doctor or whole blood test to see if you are vitamin deficient. Vegetarians are particularly at risk because much of our vitamin B12 and iron intake comes from red meat.

4. crevices of the tongue

If you’ve noticed an increasing number of “wrinkles” or deep furrows in the tongue, do not worry. These wrinkles tongue, reminding me a bit of cracking glaciers, are usually just a manifestation of age. Like the skin, tongue degrades over time, and this is nothing more than his own way of showing wear.

That said, things may be a bit dicey is that not keep things clean inside her mouth. Those same benign cracks can easily develop a fungal infection if you do not make oral hygiene a priority, which can lead to bad breath, pain and possibly a burning sensation. All the more reason to brush your teeth, floss and clean your tongue on a regular basis.

5. ulcers of the tongue

All we had and everyone seems to have a different theory as to why they appear. Even the experts do not know for sure what they are and what specifically causes canker sores. They suspect, however, that these little devils are viral in nature and are linked to high stress levels. I have also long held the opinion that arise on the tongue and cheeks after eating too bitter fruit, especially citrus.

There are some things you can do to treat mouth sores tongue, like rubbing baking soda on the affected area or mouth area with salt water. Otherwise, they must be passed within two weeks -. Longer and you may have a bigger problem

6. permanent injuries language

Although’re on the subject of strange bumps on your tongue, if you see one of these guys, make a quick trip to the doctor. Unlike canker sores or ulcers that do not disappear after two weeks, to be reviewed immediately. Even if you are not sure whether it is a canker sore or a potentially cancerous lesion, which is always better to err on the side of caution and get an expert opinion.

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7. Fluff Black tongue


sounds a bit unpleasant, and so its meaning is a bit rough, as follows: a language with black hairs or visible brown (or “fluff”) means that your oral hygiene leaves much to be desired. While this suggests that you should ramp up your brushing and washing the mouth a little routine, experts say that is not a concern in itself.

Other things that can cause a black hairy tongue include smoking and drinking too much coffee or dark tea. These can cause the buds of the tongue to grow bacteria, which creates the faded appearance and lead to bad breath or taste. Spend excessive smokers or hot drinks and work on your oral hygiene routine and should disappear.

Liivi Hess

If you have bleeding problems gums, bad breath or tooth decay, you may want to check out this article . It outlines how something as simple as coconut oil can make a big difference in the state of his mouth.

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