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7 Remarkably Easy Ways To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Whiten Teeth

You can easily get sparkling white teeth, even without the use of expensive teeth whiteners or spend heavily in cosmetic treatments products. There are several inexpensive ways to whiten teeth naturally with common kitchen ingredients. Therefore, flashing pearly white smile, look your pantry of ingredients that can remove stains from teeth and restore the natural color of your teeth easily.

Here are 7 easy ways to whiten teeth naturally:

Strawberry and sodium bicarbonate

The strawberries are not only is delicious and nutritious. They can also help whiten discolored teeth. For a home teeth whitening solution pulp mixture of a strawberry with half a tablespoon of baking soda. With a toothbrush spread the mixture on your teeth and leave for about five minutes. Then rinse the mouth and brushing with toothpaste. Malic acid in strawberries helps dissolve the stain and mild abrasive property of baking soda helps wash the teeth, so it is whiter. As too much of malic acid and vitamin C can damage the enamel, use this teeth whitener home once a week.

Strawberry And Baking Soda

baking soda and salt

Brushing teeth with baking soda is an honest choice time for discolored teeth. Due to its abrasive property, baking soda helps to remove plaque and stains and whitens teeth naturally. Moreover, baking soda alkaline helps in restoring the pH balance of the mouth by neutralizing acids produced by oral bacteria. For best results, sodium bicarbonate should be combined with salt. Salt, and baking soda is an abrasive substance used for cleaning teeth. It is also a natural antiseptic that helps kill harmful oral bacteria. Gently brush your teeth with baking soda and salt mixture for about 2 minutes. It is advisable to use this natural teeth whitening once a week.


Baking Soda And Salt

Swishing with hydrogen peroxide

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide food grade helps in whitening teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent. In addition to whitening your teeth, hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria that cause bad breath and infections. Teeth whitening, combining hydrogen peroxide and water in equal amounts and swish it around the teeth for about 30 to 60 seconds. Spit it out and rinse the mouth with water. However, long term use of hydrogen peroxide can damage the gum. Therefore, they use occasionally.

Swishing With Hydrogen Peroxide

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a popular remedy for natural teeth whitening recommended in Ayurveda. It involves swishing a tablespoon of coconut or sesame seed oil around the teeth for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning. Then spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with water. Smacking oil helps remove toxins and acids tooth and gum problems that cause discoloration and gum.

Oil Pulling

gargle with apple cider vinegar

To remove stubborn stains, consider rinsing the mouth with diluted of apple cider vinegar. It is especially beneficial for the treatment of teeth discolored by nicotine or coffee stain. However, do not use apple cider vinegar for a long time the acid in vinegar can damage the enamel.

Gargling With Apple Cider Vinegar

Teeth rub with banana peel

magnesium, potassium and manganese present in the shell banana helps whiten discolored teeth naturally. Moreover, banana peel also contains calcium and vitamin D, which helps strengthen teeth. To whiten teeth naturally rub the inside of a ripe banana peel on the teeth for about two minutes.


Rub Teeth With Banana

brush with activated charcoal

Brushing teeth with activated carbon can also help remove stains teeth. This helps in the production of toxins and remove stubborn stains discolored teeth. To get sparkling white teeth, brushing teeth with powdered activated carbon for about two minutes. Then spit out the charcoal powder and rinse the mouth. Her smile will become whiter after brushing with coal dust for a few months.

Brush with Activated Charcoal

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