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7 Reasons Why You Need to Exercise with Weights

When you want to lose weight and improve their fitness, women are turning to cardio or aerobics. But cardio is not enough to establish a firm and tight body. Every exercise program should include cardiovascular and weight exercises.

women exercise with weights

The benefits of weight training for women

Exercise with weights or resistance has an influence positive in appearance, physical and mental health. Here’s why you have to do these exercises to include in your plan for better health and appearance.

1. It will be physically stronger . Weight training can make significantly more independent and visibly stronger. Therefore there is no need to look constantly for help in performing everyday tasks. The host job will be easier, more easily be able to raise her child in her arms, and in addition will reduce your chances of injury. Studies have shown that moderate weight-bearing exercise can increase the strength of a woman of 30 to 50%.

2. It will have stronger bones . The exercises with weights increasing bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that if you practice weight lifting exercises for 4 months, can lead to increased bone density by 19%. Osteoporosis is one of the worst enemies of older women. Consuming foods rich in calcium, combined with exercise, is the best weapon in the fight against this “silent” disease.

pesos 3.Lifting reduces the risk of disease. weight Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Austrian scientists found that these exercises reduces levels of blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes by reducing body fat, can prevent the development of this disease. Weight bearing exercise lower blood pressure and risk of stroke by 40% and the risk of heart attack by 15%, researchers say.

4. Weight bearing exercise are good for the brain. Research in the UK has shown that regular exercise with weights increases worker productivity by 15% on days when lifting weights, compared to the days when this exercise are skipped. Brazilian studies have confirmed that weight-bearing exercise improves memory short and long term and have shown that people who practice this, time and can concentrate.

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5. Weight training will not make you look like a bodybuilder. Many women are afraid that if they start exercising with weights, will develop big muscles like a man. It is misleading. The woman’s body does not produce testosterone than men, and that the hormone is crucial for the development of large and strong muscles. With normal practice it is impossible to form a large woman muscle mass. Women bodybuilders spend a lot of time to exercise, maintain a proper diet and sometimes take chemicals to achieve the muscular appearance.

6. Through exercises with weights is easier to cope with stress and improve your mood. Perhaps this will surprise you, but the more muscle mass you have, the easier it can cope with stressful situations. The results of a study of Texas showed that people with robust puts have lower levels of stress hormones. Another study found that after some stressful situation, blood pressure returned to normal more quickly to people with more muscle mass than those with less muscle. Weight training can help overcome stress, reduce anger, to improve mood and even fight depression.

7. Weight training to change the shape of your body. With exercise the muscles that get toned. Two women with the same weight will look completely different if one has a firm tight body, the other has been relaxed. Weight training increases metabolism and muscle mass as burns calories even at rest.

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BASIC RULES – dumbbell exercises for women

1. First exercises with weights, cardio below. is best practice cardio exercises and weight training. But in that case, you should always look first to do exercises with weight. The body needs 20-30 minutes to start using fat as ‘fuel’. Before using glycogen. If you make a mistake and start with cardio exercises, then you will be tired and have no energy to exercise with weight.

2. Always be specific muscle group. Do not try a day to do all the exercises a bit. It is better to divide muscle exercises are intended for those groups. For example, if one day you exercise for the upper body, the next time focus on leg exercises.

3. 48 hours of rest. Give your muscles time to recover. Simply exercising 3 times a week to achieve great results.

4. Start with light weights. Do not rush immediately begin heavy. Choose a weight that will fatigue the muscle after 12 iterations. After a certain period with that weight, you can do 15 repetitions with ease, then increase a little weight. little muscle soreness is normal, but you should not feel a sharp pain.

5. Breathing correctly. While exercising with weights should not forget to breathe. Retention of air can cause dangerously high blood pressure. Always deflate when lifting weights and inhale when lowering the weight.

Example – Training Program

Three times a week for one hour:

Start with 10 minutes of warm-up exercises.

Proceed 30 minutes exercises with weights (dumbbells or resistance handle).

Complete with 20 minutes of cardio exercises.

Calendar exercise with weight:

Monday – exercises for the chest, shoulders and triceps

Wednesday -.. Leg exercises

– Fridays. Back exercises and biceps

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