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7 Myths About Beauty You’ve Never Believed, But Are Actually True!


  • eye ​​rubbing causes wrinkles

frankly does not bring wrinkles, so the pulling movement causes sensitive, lean skin around the eyes. Appearance of premature ripening after some time is produced by crumpling forward and backward. We would not have to make a report on the propensity near you do not want to build a network of crow’s feet rub your eyes once.

  • pigtail and tight buns can make your hair fall

Most hairstyles that actually cause the pressure by pulling in scalp and stick lead to male pattern baldness. The hair is not ready to turn back.

  • Certain foods can aggravate or cause acne

Skin burst achieve livelihoods are full of chocolate and oily food that is bad for the body. Each individual responds to various sustenance contrastingly, so we can not say decisively that specific food causes the skin to burst. We prescribe lets you control your sustenance and then spends observed when something really makes upset or pimples.

  • You can make your hair stronger and thicker If rinse with beer

Hops and grains used for mixing beer are loaded with proteins and vitamins that help your hair seems Shiner, more land and thicker. The liquor also speak to an operator purge in the meantime. Brew acts to expand and thicken the hair until the next wash and is one of the least expensive and best items!

  • Balm can be addictive
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Despite the fact that some Internet discussions say something else, lip enslaving emollient is not true restorer condition. What really makes your “dependent” of a few fixings, for example, menthol, camphor and salicylic annoying rather than saturate. Skin They only purpose dryness, leading to apply more, before it is expected to hydrate after application.

  • The best place for your perfume is in the fridge

At the time put distance effectively, aromas can endure for a long time, however, chemicals and oils are traded off without effort and delicate incredible temperatures. Leaving aside its fragrance in the ice chest is the most ideal if you live in a hot environment approach. Introduction to direct daylight kills the flavor particles faster so that fresh stains off with controlled temperatures are great.

  • Conditioner can also clean the hair

Conditioner contains aggravates the foam development. Cleaning properties are soft, best on the basis of the problem is that no longer contains some of them. conditioner washing technique will be your ticket to points, softer on the off chance that you have hurt dry hair and largely more favorable reference. Anyway, if you have a tendency to get oily or if you have a smooth scalp, is most likely not for you.

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