Most people feel uncomfortable when farts because the smell can not hide. Anyway, we all do that and it is a normal bodily function. It is also about to learn why not limit it is healthy for you. You should not feel ashamed of it because it is not only normal, but also gas can say something important information about your body.

You can not completely get rid of gas. That’s not bad because farts can tell a lot about health. Farts are early warning signs for various health problems. If you experience high frequency strong odors, or unusual pain, talk to your doctor, as they may be signs of a serious illness.

After eating a heavy meal and has to be digested all at once, the body stores excess water and intestines produce excess gas. Let her loose gases will make you feel better and your jeans will be easier to button.

  • Fart smell is good for you

Oler his farts is healthy and studies have shown. There are ingredients in the gas that protect it from harmful disease. Hydrogen sulfide is the chemical that gives rotten eggs smell a little gas. The chemical is toxic in high doses, but in small amounts protects cells and prevents heart attacks and stroke.

  • can help meet your nutritional needs
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Your gas can say what your diet is not found. Different types of foods create different types of gas and can indicate if you eat too much or too little of something. Once rare gas have shown that it is likely that no fiber. Whole grains, green vegetables, and lentils are good sources of fiber. Excessive consumption of red meat can cause odor and may indicate that you should eat less meat and burgers.

  • Farts mean healthy bacteria

people thinner teeth more often, and eating healthy and have greater fiber intake and eat more fruits and vegetables that stimulate digestion. This food gives your intestinal bacteria more to work with and gives its practice digestive tract that can lead to increased gas production.

is not very healthy to always keep your gas. His bowel activity may be affected and may experience painful cramps if you are constantly braking. Relax and leave everything.

must admit that I let it loose feel good.

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