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7 Foods that Keep You From Overeating

The Chinese have a saying: Eat only until you are 70 percent full. The problem is that many of us can not resist that last 30 percent. Fortunately, there are foods that can enjoy that keep us from overeating (something most of us are victims, especially around the winter months). But now that the holidays have passed and we have recovered from “weight scale” shock, it is time to address the problem. Here are seven foods that will help.

  • Cappuccino instead of candy. Skip candy bar for lunch and reduce hunger cravings with a cappuccino. As noted in PubMed, soft drinks, based foam can reduce appetite and trick the brain to feel full. Sugary foods, however, can make you feel hungrier.
  • Hummus to reduce hunger. Hummus is full of protein and combines well with fiber-rich vegetables. The combination of hummus with vegetables like carrots, celery, snap peas or make you feel fuller, so you will eat less at lunch or dinner. In a function file WebMD, Mark Gold, MD, of the University of Florida, said that the higher the fiber and protein content of a food or food, it is more likely that your stomach will be fulfilled.
  • Appetite Avocados help suppress. Avocados are eaten in moderation can help regulate your hunger hormones. The Journal of Nutrition reported a study that eating half a fresh avocado with lunch reduce the desire to eat for hours afterwards.
  • Cancels popcorn appetite. popcorn air can make you feel full without adding many calories. Skip the butter or margarine and instead of trying to nutritional yeast and lemon juice. The appetizer with air injection faces the need to snack chips, cookies, ice cream and other high-calorie snacks.
  • Beat the momentum with bananas. to beat the blues and stresses of fast paced life of today, pack some bananas for lunch. The sugar will prevent this healthy fruit snacks from the vending machine high-calorie.
  • Reach for the All-Bran cereal. WebMD also notes that researchers at the University of Sydney indicated a number of foods that make people feel full. Foods that obtained a higher score was all-bran cereal. So if you feel the need to snack at home or office, fill a bowl of All-Bran cereal with skim milk to satisfy those hunger pangs noon. An article inPrevention points to a Journal of the American Dietetic Association that links lower body mass index with high fiber intake.

  • Choose high fiber fruits. Apples and oranges are rich in fiber, water content and protein. All these ingredients help satisfy hunger and reduce their tendency to overeat. Prevention states that it must “fiber munch on all day.”
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