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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Young (Most Important is #6)

genital organs are very important for all women and therefore it is very important that you know how to maintain your health. Genitals are growing along with your body. You can use different anti aging products that can make you look younger, but you can not do such a thing to his genitals, especially for the vagina, which is quite sensitive.

Karen Boyle, MD is an expert in female sexual health and she explains. “Gynaecologists not warn women that can happen these things, and then women are surprised when their vulva and vagina are changed completely within several years “

anyway, this is a complex issue and most women are feeling uncomfortable to share their vaginal problems, even with your gynecologist. Read and learn 7 simple ways to maintain the health and condition of your vagina.

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1.Maintain good hygiene

unpleasant vaginal odor is the most common problems experienced by women. In order to stop this, wash the vagina twice a day with warm water and mild soap.

pay attention to the pubic hair around the vagina, since this part of the skin has many sweat glands that can cause unpleasant odor. Wash the vagina with chamomile tea, and avoid highly alkaline soaps.

ordinary hair cut or shave 2.Have

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going to maintain hygiene of her vagina as easy because the pubic hair promotes sweating and retains bacteria.

3.Let vagina to breathe inside the right

Do not wear synthetic underwear. Wear cotton underwear or other natural materials. It is crucial to let your vagina breathe normally. If the vagina lacks air, it will develop dermatitis, eczema or bacterial infections.

4.You need to change their underwear once a day

should change their underwear every day, because the vaginal discharge is a perfect broth for bacteria. The bacteria can cause infections, such as uterine colpitis infections, cystitis. Change your underwear twice during menstrual periods, because the vagina releases more bacteria than is usual in this period.

5.Do not Perfumes Put on your vulva

Perfumes can disturb the pH balance, which translates to infection. Keep your vagina clean!

6.Visit your gynecologist regularly

Every woman should visit her gynecologist at least twice a year. This is advisable for all women to be sexually active and all women over 21. You should test for the most common infections, make a PAP test and ultrasound in the ovaries and uterus.

7.Did You know you can do better test your vagina?

consummation of adequate food can improve the taste of their vaginal juices. Eat more fruits, especially natural sugar laden fruit, including grapes, apples, mangoes, etc. avoid eating garlic, onions, spicy foods and drinking coffee and alcohol, all of which have a negative effect on the smell of her vaginal juices.

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Bono: can also use baby wipes when going to the bathroom. They have a neutral pH balance and are free of perfumes that are dangerous to the vagina and the reproductive system in general.

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