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7 Easy Dry Skin Remedies

Dry skin occurs when skin does not retain sufficient moisture. This can happen due to a number of environmental factors or certain diseases. Some of the causes of dry skin include:

  • Hot baths and showers
  • Heat
  • Time
  • Sun exposure
  • Soaps hard
  • Other skin diseases

the following remedies help soothe dry skin, soothe and moisturize dry skin.

remedies dry skin

massage with olive oil

dry skin remedy

virgin olive oil

oil oil has a moisturizing quality that nourishes the skin. It is known to contain a large amount of antioxidants and fatty acids. These are some of the nutrients your skin needs to stay hydrated. Olive oil can help the skin to be more hydrated and, at the same time can also help soothe the skin all over. Add five tablespoons of olive oil in your daily moisturizer to help alleviate dry skin, do this after each bath.
moisturize daily

dry skin remedies

Applying moisturizer

apply moisturizer immediately after bathing or washing hands. This helps connect the spaces between the cells of the skin and seal in moisture, while your skin is still damp.

Limit your bath to 1 May to 10 minutes daily bath or shower. If you bathe more than that, you may strip away most of the fat layer of the skin and cause moisture loss. Use warm water instead of hot, which can wash natural oils. The hot water will improve the amount of moisture in the skin.

Apply moisturizer within three minutes of leaving the bathroom. Avoid highly scented moisturizer, and skin drying.


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dry skin remedies

apply a sunscreen

Avoid sun damage on the skin with the use of a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. Sun damage is one of the main causes of dry skin and wrinkles, but dressing well and apply a sunscreen can help prevent this.


cold, dry air is a common cause of dry, irritated skin. Heating your home during the winter keeps you warm, but also removes moisture from the air, which can make even more dry dry skin. To replenish moisture quickly and easily, use a humidifier.

remedy Coconut oil

dry skin remedies

coconut oil

coconut oil is known for its healing, antibacterial and cleansing properties. It is one of the best topical treatments for dry skin. To rub coconut oil on the skin, it is absorbed very slowly, taking in every drop of moisture. If you have eczema or psoriasis, coconut oil help with these conditions as well.

Apply coconut oil on dry skin after taking a bath or shower. When the skin is hot and flexible bathroom, coconut oil is more easily absorbed. Do this every day for the best effect.

healthy fat

dry skin remedies

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids

foods rich in essential fatty acids omega-3s help heal dry and preserve the natural oils from the skin, moisturize skin from the inside to eat a portion of one of these journals:





Aloe vera hydration

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dry skin remedies

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera helps in rehydrating the skin and also naturally reduces redness and inflammation. To use, break off a leaf of aloe vera plant and rub the sticky sap transparent and all over her face. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse. For best results, apply a mask aloe once or twice a week. Avoid aloe vera gel to carry. It is not always the pure aloe vera, which often contains other ingredients, which can cause your skin to dry out. Aloe vera gel that comes directly from the plant is pure, and therefore most beneficial.


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