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7 Early-Warning Signs of Anal-Cancer Everyone is TOO Embarrassed to Talk About!

Anal cancer is a rare type of cancer that begins in the year, at the end of the rectum. This differs from colorectal cancer cancer because it only affects the opening of the rectum while colorectal cancer affects the entire rectum and large intestine.

Although less common than colorectal cancer, the number of people suffering from anal cancer is steadily increasing, especially because it is not in the early stages.


anal cancer signs

Most patients with anal cancer are diagnosed after spread to lymph nodes or other organs. In order to recognize this disease early and to receive appropriate treatment, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of anal cancer warning.

Signs and symptoms of anal cancer

Although the causes of anal cancer are not specified in most cases, there are certain factors that can contribute to the development of this disease, such as smoking, immune system, and frequent anal irritation weakened.

People who are primarily affected by this cancer are older than 60. Often, the symptoms of anal cancer are not present in the early stages.

However, there are certain signs that you might be suffering from this disease, including:

rectal bleeding
unusual bowel movements
Abnormal discharge from the anus
rectal itching
Tenderness and pain in the anus
swollen lymph nodes in the anal area
presence of a lump or mass near the anus
These symptoms are most often caused by benign conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal warts or anal fissures.

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However, if you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately in order to find the cause and treat the disease early.

The detection of anal cancer

If you detect anal cancer in the early stages, the chances of effectively overcome the disease are higher. This type of cancer can be detected with a number of procedures, including:

digital rectal examination (DRE): An exam in which the doctor looks for any abnormalities, lumps and tumors in the anal cavity by inserting a gloved, lubricated finger. Sometimes, digital rectal examination is used to detect prostate cancer in men, and as a pelvic examination in women
Anoscopy :. An examination consisting of a small tubular instrument called anoscope or anal speculum. This instrument is inserted into the anus in order to detect problems in the anal canal. This test is done if something unusual is found during DRE
ultrasound, biopsy, CT scan, MRI :. The procedures used for the detection of anal cancer in case of suspicion of the disease. However, these tests are often considered to be controversial for a number of people who claim they can cause or spread of cancer.

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