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7 Early Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Pay Attention

Lung cancer has no noticeable symptoms in its early stage. That is, 40 percent of patients with lung cancer, the diagnosis is made after the disease had progressed in step 3.

early stage cancer can not be found with a chest radiograph. However, CT can be more successful in finding lung cancer early. People between 55 and 80 years old, and all who have smoked in the last 15 years should be tested in order to prevent or diagnose lung cancer early.

Therefore, it is also important to know these first seven symptoms of lung cancer, in order to prevent before it is too late.

whistling / wheezing

If wheezing or whistling sound when you breathe, you should see your doctor. These sounds can be a sign of several medical conditions that are so benign and curable, or can occur when the airways are blocked or inflamed.


This is another sign of lung cancer and may be due to blockage and narrowing of the airways or accumulated in the chest fluid due a lung tumor. Therefore, if the breath is often lacking when performing their daily routines, for example, when carrying groceries, climbing stairs or perform actions not feel breath before it is recommended to visit a doctor.

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Pain in the chest, back or shoulders

If you experience chest pain, one must be careful because it also can be caused by metastasis areas, or enlarged lymph nodes or ribs. You should consult your doctor regardless if you feel healthy and strong.

persistent cough

should pay attention if you have a chronic cough, as it may indicate lung cancer. On the other hand, if the cough is gone after a couple of weeks, it’s just a regular cough due to a cold or respiratory infection. If you cough mucus is required to visit your doctor and make relevant evidence in his lungs and chest X-rays as changes in cough may include :. Frequent coughing hoarse and deep, coughing sound with blood or excessive mucus, and if you or another person experiencing them, consult your doctor as soon as possible

continuing headache

One can also suffer from headaches if lung cancer has spread to the brain. However, not all headaches are related to brain metastases. In some cases, the lung tumor can press the main vein that takes blood from the top to the heart, and therefore cause headache.

Bone pain

If you experience severe pain in bones or any other body part, may be a sign of a serious health problem, so you should consult your doctor.


Weight Loss

Cancer cells are using energy from the body, and the body uses energy from food, leading to the rapid loss of weight.

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