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7 Best and Easy Facial Exercises To Get Your Nose In Shape

Most celebrities and women spend a lot of money on cosmetic surgeries to get sharp nose perfect, but this surgery has many complications. The face is the first to look to others if you are having sharp features, then will be remembered by others as a woman with sharp features. 7 Best and Easy Facial Exercises To Get Your Nose In Shape
Although not an easy task to refine the nose, wait a while and lengthy process. But it is not an impossible way. If you focus and exercise a day, then you will get a better result, through the sharp nose that can make your look perfect. Massage and exercises are the best method to get smaller and sharper nose. These exercises will help only without side effects on your face. So do not worry and go ahead with these exercises that will enhance your features and makes it look prettier.

1. nose shortener exercise for Small and sharp nose

There are many changes in the body with age, especially in the bones and muscles. With regular practice of nose shortener exercise can help reduce the deterioration rate from the cartilage of the nose.

How to be

Only palace of his index finger on the tip of his nose and pressed. Now push the index finger down, exerting downward pressure through the nose. You can repeat this exercise as many times in a day.

2. The nose straightener exercise for Small and sharp nose

The smile is one of the best gifts that nature has provided. When smile is in stress you can work wonders for you as many times. This is the best way to get a straight nose, since it is a kind of exercise.

how to make it in the form

Just smile and push the nose in an upward direction. This will help build the muscles on the sides of the nose. You can repeat the exercise 20 to 30 times a day to get straight nose.

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3. The nose shaper exercise for Small and sharp nose

Practice nose shaper is for women who ar not happy with the shape of your nose. Small and wide nose is the obstacles in its function. So work with this exercise is more likely that you can change its shape as you want.

How to be

With the help of the press index finger of the lower sides of the nose, while burning nostrils. Now you have to breathe with small force. This exercise will also prevent your nose from sinking. You can repeat the exercise 10 -15 times a day.

4. Wiggle Nose exercise for Small and sharp nose

exercise moving the nose is to build muscles nose and then nose reshaping. But it will help straighten the nose and make it small.

how to make it in the form

sit upright and simply move the nose with the movement of your face it means that your face is completely motionless during the process. You can repeat the process 10-15 times a day at a time.

5. Breathing exercises for Small and sharp nose

Breathing exercise is beneficial to your health as well. Inhaling and exhaling deep breath give a feeling of calm. These yoga exercises will help in the formation of the nose too.

how to make it in the form

Sit upright on the floor. Now you need to block one of his nostrils and inhale within 4 seconds. Now block the other nostril and exhale the air for about 8 seconds. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want.

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6. Remove the Smile Line exercise for Small and sharp nose

By increasing age lines around the nose that is the expression lines becomes deeper than spoil their appearance completely. To get rid of these smile lines this exercise is perfect.

how to make it in the form

Fill your mouth with air and now close. Move this air in all direction in your mouth. But you have to hold the air for 5 seconds in each direction and finally release it. This way you can get rid of smile lines.

7. Nose massage exercise for Small and sharp


In addition to forming and shortening the nose this exercise will also help in relieving headache as well as people who are suffering from sinus and migraine.

how to make it in the form

massage your nose tip, nose bridge and the sides of the nose. Do this daily exercise in circular motion for about 5 minutes in a day. This simple exercise will also improve the strength of the facial muscles.

Change in the way and what is smaller is not an easy compared to other parts of the body. But these quick exercises can reshape the nose and accumulation of facial muscles, no extra cost. But you need to perform daily exercise fully dedicated and patience. Some of the exercises also improve the health of the person as breathing and removing smile lines exercise also have an impact on your health. So much expense girls out can change the shape of your nose and make it smaller to look.

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