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7 Beneficial Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes

Many people are affected by the problem of itchy eyes that make his life miserable. The constant need to itch eyes may cause serious consequences and harm to the health of the eyes as well. Well, there are several reasons that can cause problems itchy eyes. Some of them are bacterial eye infection and problems like eye stye, pink eyes, etc. Common symptoms of the problem of itchy eyes are itchy eyes, pain, inflammation, swelling in some cases, watery eyes, tired eyes, red eyes etc. the problem if it persists also can invite symptoms such as headache and irritation so it is very important to address the issue in order to protect the health of your eyes.

Here are the easiest home remedies you can use to reduce the problem of itchy eyes effectively

1. Cold water

A simple touch of cold water on the eyes can provide effective relief from the problem. Cold water reduces pain, fatigue and inflammation in the eye and very effective also reduces itching problem. so you should wash your eyes with cold pure water after every few hours to get the benefits. [1]

Cold Water

2. Hot Compressing

You can also use hot to get relief from the symptoms of itchy eyes napkin. hot compress reduces pain and itching very effectively. Simply apply a hot compress over your eyes for 5 minutes and repeat several times to get the benefits. [2]

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Warm Compress

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is very useful to reduce the problem of bacterial eye infections and nature effectively soothing aloe vera is very beneficial in reducing the symptoms of the problem very effectively. So all you need is to apply fresh aloe vera gel on the eyelids and the base of the eyelid to get rid of the problem quickly. [3]

Aloe Vera Gel

4. Tea Bags

Tea bags are very useful and are very useful in case of itchy eyes. Tea bags contain tea rich in antioxidants along with useful tannic acid that provides anti-inflammatory effects and therefore the tea bags are useful to reduce infection and symptoms of itchy eyes completely. You must place a tea bag soaked in the affected eye for benefits. [4]

 Tea Bags

5. Honey

Honey has anti-bacterial properties that are very useful to reduce bacterial eye infection. Not only this, honey also has anti-inflammatory properties in it that are useful for alleviating the symptoms of the problem, such as itching, swelling, etc. Therefore honey can be applied on the eyelids to get rid of the problem effectively. [5]


6. Cucumber slices

Cucumber is fresh and thus relieves eyes very effectively. Nature against irritation cucumber is very helpful in reducing pain, itching and inflammation in the eyes. It also prevents inflammation and fights tired eyes very effectively. All you need is to apply cucumber slices over your eyes for some time to get the benefits. [6]

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 Cucumber Slices

7. Rosewater

Rose water is very cool in nature and is also very effective in protecting the health of your eyes. The rich nature of rosewater helps reduce the risk of eye infections and also reduces itching, tiredness and swelling in his eyes. You should put a few drops of rose water in your eyes every day to get relief. [7]

Rose Water

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