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7 Amazing Ways To Use Lemon For Beauty And Personal Care

Lemon is known for its astringent qualities and disinfectants, and is used as part of many home remedies and many others recopy beauty and food.


Shows 7 ways to use lemons when it comes to beauty:

  1. LIMÓN provides skin care

lemon is extremely useful for people with oily skin. Before bedtime press a lemon and apply all over the face with a piece of cotton. This is the best way to make overnight because you are not out and exposed in the sun. Because of its astringent qualities that enhance the appearance of the skin and remove excess fat from the skin.

  1. remove blackheads WITH LEMON

lemons naturally pull poisons and cleanse the skin and are amazing against clogged pores and pimples. Rub lemon on your facial skin and leave it for about 10 minutes. Try not to expose your face to the sun, as it may damage your skin. Lemon remove excess fat and skin will be smooth.

  1. LEMON moisturizes your lips

There are a ton of products and factors that are making your lips look dry. Just before bedtime apply a dash of lemon juice on her lips. This way you can moisturize the lips.

  1. lemon can lighten your hair

This is a well proven successful method and if you need more light hair, only apply a little lemon juice in it and go out to expose it in the sun. Do this once a week for best results.

  1. USE AS NAIL LEMONS whitener and strengthener
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Lemon is ideal for nails; they will be strengthened and will expel any traces of them. Mix some lemon juice with 2 tablespoons olive oil and after apply on your nails.

  1. LIMÓN Reduces and improves marks

If you have some marks on the skin, apply lemon juice on it and let stand for about 15 minutes . Wash with water. You should do the same this treatment overnight with the argument that the sun can bring the opposite effect.


Lemon expel dull stains your body and perform an antiperspirant. It is citrus lemon carried out microbes that are bringing in a terrible smell. Make a mixture of lemon juice, honey and oats, and detecting the mixture in the armpits. Let it stay for 60 minutes.

Source: healthylivinghouse.com

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