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6 Ways Coconut Oil Can Bring Out Your Natural Beauty


By Pamela Bofferding

coconut oil is everywhere-you probably read about their uses in lifestyle magazines, in the recipes and articles of holistic medicine. You may already know that coconut oil is a great antifungal to cure athlete’s foot and for use in the treatment of head lice , but what you may not realize is how many their products more expensive luxury can be completely replaced with this miraculous oil. The beauty industry spends billion in advertising dollars to promote products that want you to believe are specially formulated and scientifically proven. In fact, coconut oil is not only an affordable alternative that is better for your health and safety that most beauty products loaded with chemicals.

6 ways to achieve natural beauty with coconut oil

Not all coconut oils are equal. Since you are putting it directly on the skin, you want to look for a organic coconut oil as this that will nurture and protect. Make sure your coconut oil comes from a reliable source. Do not accept anything that is not organic and non-GMO, and make sure it is cold pressed and unrefined. coconut oil refined may have been bleached or deodorized and processed with chemicals, while unrefined coconut cold pressed oil (also called virgin oil) is pressed mechanically immediately after harvest, without any additives. Remember that what you put in body will in your body!

Eye Cream and Moisturizing Night

Because it is-fast absorption and rich, organic virgin coconut oil is an excellent deep moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin.

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Simply use your ring finger to smooth around the eyes after cleansing routine finger. It might be too heavy to spread across his face, but feel free to dab a little more of those difficult moments in her cheeks and forehead. It is also a great lip balm!

Shaving Cream

Pharmacy shaving cream can be irritating to the skin and drying. Coconut oil is much more hydrating and will not clog your razor the way some shaving cream can.

To use, wet the area to shave, rub coconut oil on the area in circles, and shave as usual.

Bath Oil

The addition of coconut oil directly to the bath is better than bubbles or bath salts. Jump bubble bath and salts, and try adding coconut oil to your bath.

Since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, just run hot water over the bottle for a few minutes to melt. Add a few tablespoons to absorb moisture.

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hair mask

Coconut oil is one of the few molecularly small enough oil to be absorbed the hair shaft. Many of the masks for expensive hair conditioners and leave-for sale just sit on top of the hair and cover it. This can lead to accumulation in time and dull, straight hair. Coconut oil actually infuses its filaments and repairs damage.

to use, at night, wet hair and comb a few tablespoons of coconut oil from root to tip. Wrap your hair in plastic or use a shower cap. Get some beauty sleep. In the morning, you may need to wash your hair twice to remove excess oil, but what you have after manageable hair, bright feeling soft and silky.

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to remove makeup

makeup removers are often expensive and sometimes have harsh chemicals that can burn or sting the eyes. It makes no sense that something designed to remove eye makeup can be dangerous to behold! Coconut oil is a non-irritating alternative.

To use, apply a small amount on your face with your fingers. Massaging coconut oil in the composition want to remove, then wipe with a light-colored cloth (so you can see when all the makeup is off).

Lip Balm

Your lips are one of the most exposed areas of the body. With only a thin layer of skin to protect them, cold and dry air can wreak havoc. When every ounce counts moisture, we must take measures to protect them.

To make an easy lip balm, check out this prescription for step-by-step instructions.

Is it safe to say that coconut could be the miracle beauty we’ve all been looking for? Bring out your natural beauty and start using these products coconut oil today!

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Pamela Bofferding is a Texas native who now lives with her husband and children in the New York City. She likes hiking, traveling, and playing with her dogs.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Originally published 20 July, 2016

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