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6 Types of Acne, Learn to Recognize!

There are several types of acne . They can occur in many types but they can be classified into 6 types. Injuries, black and white dots that occur in the type or any other body part.
Third type of acne is papules, a Roman term that is also a kind of injury, fourth is pustule, which usually teenagers suffer is the fifth seams in the body, which usually occur after disease acne. And the latest types of acne is a cyst. You may think cyst is only the cancer, which is a cyst evil is also a type of acne.
1. The lesions
The injury is the name of physical modification of the jewels of the body ‘after an illness or a serious type of accident. The lesions usually also means a type of disorder in the production of body fat, which can cause various diseases in the body.
So the term injury is so wide, but now we have mentioned about acne lesions Abot, as we mentioned above are conditions or changes in the sturcture that occur after an illness.
Types of Acne
2. White and black points
They are not the point in a notebook or on a blackboard. You can delete the point in the notebook or a chalkboard with an eraser, but how you can delete the points on the face or any other part of your body?
black and white dots occur after the blocked fatty tissues. Generally they occurred after excessive production of body fat. They are usually harmless, but sometimes, some types of black and white dots can cause serious skin problems.
We strictly recommend not touch the black and white dots too. If black and white dots that disturb too much, you should go see a doctor soon. They are experts in acnes and points so they can solve your problem.
3. papules
papules is a type of acne, too. The term papules is a Roman term that is also a kind of injury. The lesions may appear on the skin, its altitude is about 5 cm.
However, its length can change, even some of them are invisible. But even if touching the body part where the papule is placed, you may feel that there is a papule, with a rough feel.
4. pustule
is kind of acne pustule, which usually young adolescents are sad about it. Usually they experience acne type pustules. T is the type of acne most commonly seen. They occur after reactions human body fat.
usually are harmless and in time, that disapeear. Most parts are pustules disappear from human skin, but some parts remain with her. So in that case you should pay a visit to your doctor.

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5. the joints of the body
the remaining acnes having place after the disease. They are generally flat and their colors are usually red. Most of the seams in the body disappear sooner or later.
6. Cysts
Among them, white blood gems, gems dead bacteria. In fact they are not directly the type of acne, which are the cause of acne. But in general they are classifed as type of acne.

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