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6 Things They Never Tell You About Diet Soda. #2 Is Disgusting!

Diet soda might actually be to cheat, and is not as healthy as you may think. Side effects of diet sodas might be even more harmful to your health than regular soda. Drinking just one day can accelerate weight gain and lead to kidney problems. In addition, consumption of diet soft drinks have increased rapidly in children and adults. These side effects could help permanently get away from diet soda …

1. Still thinking about having children?

diet sodas and drinks in the same type of containers are coated with chemical BPA, which has been linked to reproductive problems as one of the many problems. More problems related to diet soda are obesity and heart disease, so is that a can of soda really worth?

2. Want to keep your teeth?

The pH of diet soda, which is 3.2, is so acidic that quickly begins to dissolve tooth enamel. In comparison, the pH of battery acid, which is 1, is closer to diet soda water, having a pH of 7. dentist records show that adults or children who drink more than 3 drinks a soda day have noticeably worse dental health compared to people who rarely or never drink soda.

3. Protect your cells.

There is a specific chemical that is only found in diet sodas, and not in regular sodas that can cause serious damage to their DNA. Anything with, or attached to benzoate name it has also been linked to asthma, hives and other allergic reactions. In the United Kingdom, the Commission stated that food benzoate and benzoate preservatives related would be classified as mild irritant to the skin and eyes.

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