We’re all a little guilty of oversharing on social networks sometimes. Of autofotos bathroom to play-by-play of struggles relationship, there are plenty of ways to spill the beans just a bit too.

Most of the time, when we know that we are doing.

But there is one piece of sensitive information that many people do not think twice before publishing for everyone to see:

photos Kid.

His son just won their first football championship, and so they decide to put a photo on Facebook of his team holding the trophy.

His daughter just won the prize of science in school and so you walk a picture of her shaking the hand of its director at the ceremony.

seems quite innocent. But in fact, the publication of photos of your child online can pose a significant threat to their welfare.

Here are 6 reasons privacy experts say you should Never DO.

1. Exposes YOUR CHILD sexual predators.

Donna Rice Hughes is the president and CEO of enough it is enough, a nonprofit organization designed to make the Web safe for children. She warns that post pictures of your child online could give sexual predators all the information they need to attack.

“Let’s say you put out a cherished picture of your child on his first day of kindergarten and you are standing in front of the school sign,” they say . “Anyone who sees it – even a convicted sex offender. – Now you know what your child looks like and where they go to school”

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Even if the privacy settings to only share the photo with family and friends, nothing prevents discharged from the image and circulating proud moment for their own set.

2. A bad example is set.

When it comes to the Internet, who want to teach their children that there are very real limits between social media and real life. You want them to know that not everything that happens in the real world has to be transmitted.

That is not the message that their children receive when they see the publication of photos of them in bathing suit bathtime or Facebook.


Have you ever seen those incomplete ads on websites that advertise “attractive local teenagers? “Teenagers represented in such chances ads is that they have absolutely nothing to do with the service.

Privacy experts warn that once the image of your child is online, is open season . owners malicious websites can download this photo (which could appear in a simple search on Google) and say their child is someone he or she is not.

happened to many parents across the country, including this mother of Utah .

4. Increased risk of online bullying.

When you publish something Internet, That embarrassing photo of your child stays there for a very, very, very long time .? it might be nice for you and your family members, but a line ‘comedian?’ I could only see it as a calling card.

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Many lives have been destroyed wildcard taking children and youth photos and stick to them subtitles snide.

5. CAUSE unnecessary competition.

parents publish an average of 1,000 pictures of your child before he or she turns five . This makes keeping up with the neighbors in a kind of national sport.

This competition makes people feel like crap . we tend to forget that what we are seeing online is really the highlight reel of someone’s life.

Nobody son is so perfect and happy as Facebook imply feeding. they just are not going to publish the stretched-nose, temper-tantrum moments.

6. it takes time you spend with your son.

Even if you’ve read the other points and thought “meh, I’ll take my chances,” this should hit home.

Are your children really soak the moment when they are asked to hold that pose as they are the creation of the family tent?

Are they really enjoy some quality time with dad when he tells them to sit still so you can photograph them against the sunset, now can not see because they are stuck in a position?

Capture memories is absolutely useless if all reminiscent of photography the picture is taken.

To learn more, check out the video below. It’s a little extreme, but their arguments are solid.

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