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6 Snacks to Eat When You’re Bored


Snacking happens. Sometimes, it happens even when you are not necessarily hungry, just boring.

I’m not suggesting you shovel food in your face every time access boredom. What I am saying is this: If “eat while boring” is a habit of yours, to achieve something intelligent. Here are six low-calorie, high-volume options for his next attack of hunger!

Cut the vegetables and sauce

Be your own hero, and maintain a cooler full of cut for easy snack healthy vegetables.

They are satisfying, crisp and very low in calories, and leave you a lot of nutrients to your body. If you’re snacking because you’re bored, you might as well get something good out of it. Some of my favorite vegetables for snacks are carrots, jicama sticks, and sugar peas. And the sauce is low in calories and full of flavor: (track Hungry Girl Slightly steamed sugar peas, then cool This removes its slightly grassy flavor..). Keep it classic, or try a funny taste to the variety, such as peach sauce. Or go spicier … That will slow down your eating!

Light Popcorn

popcorn is the last bite of high volume. Just stick with low calorie peaks and avoid adding butter, of course. A lot of brands make reduced calorie snacks ready to eat :. Chicka Boom output Angie Pop, Smartfood Delight, Cape Cod popcorn, popcorn and popcorn Indiana Fit

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Each of them has options with about 35 calories per cup or less. That means you can have about 3 cups 100 calories. Candy! If portion control is a problem, prepare your own snacks of 100 calories using bags or airtight containers.

fresh fruit

The fresh fruit has a few things going for it: It’s healthy, it’s totally natural, and is delicious


to reach a Fuji apple crisp, a cup of green grapes, a plate of sliced ​​mango, a trifecta of berries with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries … the list of good-for-you fruits is endless. It eating fresh fruit is the way to go if you’re craving sweetness – that delicious flavor naturally is obtained without added sugar

Algae Snacks

are green, are lean, and are perfect for when you feel. you need some crisis in your life! seaweed snacks are light and crispy, and naturally salty-perfect for when you crave potato chips. Bonus: You can have a huge portion of a small number of calories. Look for leaves of seaweed, algae, even chip crumbles. Warning: Beware of fried appetizers largely oil added. Always turn the bag around and check the nutrition panel of calories and fat count. And do not forget to check the servings per container. Some of my best options are SeaSnax brand, give organic, and Annie Chun.

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Freeze-dried fruit

Why the freeze-dried fruit reach when you could have things fresh?

The lyophilized type has a different crunchy texture that is perfect as a snack serious solution is needed. In addition, you can keep the same packages in hand without having to worry about spoilage. If you are not familiar with the freeze-dried fruit, here’s the deal: This is basically dried fruit keeps its size; moisture is removed, leaving you with a crunchy treat. Unlike nuts, which does not wither, so you can get a good large portion. tip Hungry Girl: Mix some fruit lyophilized with popcorn light for a snack mix Mega

sugarless hard candies and Lollipops

These are a bit different from the rest of the starters in! this list that are not high volume you do not want to eat a lot of candy and lollipops. But the good news is that it is not necessary: ​​The beauty of hard candy that long to eat is needed, so a little goes a long way. I’m a fan of 60 classic calorie Tootsie Pop. With minty-treats are also good because they tend to reduce cravings for other foods once you have that flavor of mint in your mouth … (It really works! Try it! )

Source: www.verywell.com

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