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6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

You can find these types of people for a couple of different names – either light, earth angels, or something similar.
Perhaps even feels like one of those special people yourself. Light workers literally have come here to spread and share your light as much as possible and achieve positive change on this planet. They have no patience for hatred, intolerance, violence, or oppression; this guy just wants everyone to live in harmony and move forward from our current problems on Earth.

Lightworkers not resonate much in the modern world; often, they feel like old souls who have come here again to restore and renovate the planet. They relate to the way the world worked when we lived on earth, in harmony with each other, animals and nature. Although you know that you probably never return to the way of life, earth angels simply want to live in peace with our world now. They want abundance, laughter, happiness and joy for everyone, and are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet.

earth angels want to align themselves with pure, loving energy, and in so doing help others find their highest in this life to be. They want to overcome the problems and headaches, and live in harmony with divine truth. They have good intentions for themselves and for the planet, but often frustrated with our current state of affairs.

If you feel you could be an angel of the earth, but are not sure, read on to bring more clarity in their role on this planet.

6 Signs You’re an angel Earth (and do not know)

1. YOU are highly sensitive.

earth angels obviously have come here for a great purpose, but saving the planet has a considerable cost. Sometimes, the angel of Earth will be overwhelmed by all the problems in the world, and it feels like you can never approach make a difference. The Earth Angel can become very frustrated and tired of things on this earth, and they feel desperate for a change. They do not enjoy being around large crowds and strong people, as the troubled energy can make them tired and anxious.

earth angels also have a high sensitivity to violence, hatred, and basically anything portrayed as negative by the media and news agencies. They tend to hide in the comfort of its large rooms of the time, as a way to protect the hectic outside world, overstimulation.

If this sounds like you, then you might be an angel on Earth.

2. AMAS time alone.

The light worker, or the Earth Angel, likes to spend time alone to recharge and rebalance your energies. As mentioned in the first paragraph – these people often get overwhelmed by the world today, and the use of their time alone to heal and prepare for the next encounter with the outside world. They enjoy really dig deep into your psyche and parts of themselves that have broken healing. earth angels know that in order to change the world, they have to change themselves, and work tirelessly to become the best version of themselves.

3. YOU care deeply about others.

Do you feel empathy for others and want to help them through their problems? If so, you could be an angel on Earth. These people would drop everything to help someone in need, because they have suffered themselves and do not want to see anyone hurt. Lightworkers feels deeply connected to his human companions, and who just wants to give comfort to anyone who needs it. earth angels understand how difficult and frightening the world can seem at times, since we live in uncertainty almost constantly. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but light workers know they can make a positive change today.

They live in the now, and wants to do the most good for others as possible change. earth angels relate to the struggles of the people, as they have probably been there before.

4. DO YOU FEEL called for a particular purpose.

You do not refer to worldly desires and structured access path. You do not like the programmed society, conditioning in which we live, and have never felt compelled to follow the footsteps of others. You want to make your own brand and live according to their own rules, and do not like people telling him what to do. They feel called to do more of what people consider “normal” and could not be unfulfilled dream of living life. earth angels can feel a strong attraction to do something in the field of humanitarianism, such as a social worker, counselor, acupuncture, massage or therapist. They see themselves as healers, and they want jobs in the fields where they can live their passions.

may even want to start your own business so you can break free of the structure and routine that comes along with having a regular job.

5. has a strong intuition.

probably not live life through the lens of logic, instead choosing to make decisions based on their emotions and intuition. earth angels feel more deeply than others, and not really resonate with our way of living extremely right brain in today’s society. It connects with things that appeal to the emotions, such as art, music, share stories, and connect with others in a meaningful way. You allow your intuition to guide you in life, which helps you figure out each new step you take.

earth angels trust that inner voice telling them what to do, because they know that the messages received have come from the Divine. They trust the universe to bring positive things and people in their lives, and know that intuition is the means by which they are spoken. They call their spiritual and angels frequent attendance guides, and probably still some kind of spiritual practice.

6. REJECTS most “modern ideals.”

Most Lightworkers and Earth Angels can not understand the world today. Why spend so much time jobs that we hate to buy things you do not need to work? Why are there jobs in the first place? Why do we continue to pollute our home and treat it as waste, when it is the only place we have to live? Why consume so much and give so little? Why do we have wars and racism? Why have we not evolved into a more civilized society? These questions run through the minds of Lightworkers and Earth Angels everywhere, and in turn, modern society based on the responses they get rejected. Many people call them hippies, but they just see the care of the planet and each other as normal parts, necessary for life.

Earth Angels have realized that we can not continue living in a state of separation and isolation from one another; absolutely we need each other to survive. Earth Angels just hope that we as a collective in which to rejoice in the ultimate truth – that of our right to love, happiness, freedom, and abundance. We have enough on this earth for everyone to live happily and fully, but our own consciousness inhibits us to live this truth. earth angels focus on the spread of ancient wisdom in the hope of awakening people to our connection.

earth angels spend a lot of time in nature, where they feel more comfortable and at home with themselves. who value nature and none of the natural world, and stay away from materialism, greed, corporations, vote, and anything that promotes the separation and division.

If these signs resonated with you, then you are probably a light worker himself. It is a difficult path, but very rewarding at the end. Each time you feel frustrated and lost, just remember your purpose, and remember that you did not come here to shrink down what someone else wants you to be. You came here to shine and make an impact in this world.

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