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6 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong

He has told us before the more showered, the cleaner our hair will be.

However, studies by medical researchers have shown the opposite.

Indeed, the shower almost every day can damage your hair.

* drying towel is not the best idea.

drying hair with a towel can lead to frizz that can lead to hair damage as well. Instead, you can use other methods such as the use of a shirt.

* Too much shampoo or conditioner

If you believe the use of a good amount of shampoo or conditioner is a good idea, we believe it is not.

* Be gentle

scrub hair too tightly can be one of the main causes to create problems for your hair as it leads to loss hair and also makes weaker hair. You should not be soft and not ruin your hair.

* Shampoo is not the right choice.

The use of shampoo eventually benefit hurts more than you get for a short term hair. As chemical nature that can make your hair dry and ultimately lead to loss of scalp hair.

* Hot shower is a big NO NO

Hot shower damage your hair. Instead you should replace the hot water with warm water.

* Do not put wet hair

Most people usually condition their hair right after they wash not realize the fact that aren ‘t supposed to condition hair I am dripping wet because in this case does not affect them as it should.

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