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6 Remarkably Potent Super Foods To Combat Anemia

Combat Anemia

anemia is an important blood disorder that affects a large cross section of the population (about 3.5 million people) in the United States alone. Anemia can be caused either due to a marked decrease in red blood cells (red blood cell) count, or due to poor quality of hemoglobin. This blood disorder becomes one of the major contributing factors for higher than normal rate of morbidity and mortality among people with compromised immune systems, including women and elderly. Medical research has attributed iron deficiency as the primary cause of anemia.

6 incredible super foods that help fight anemia


Love it or hate it, but you can not avoid, especially if you suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Spinach is a major dietary sources of iron of good quality. Eat only half a cup of boiled spinach a day will help meet almost twenty percent of the diet Recommended Intake (RDI) of iron. Moreover, spinach is an excellent dietary source of vitamin C. The increased intake of vitamin C rich foods like spinach, can help the body’s absorption of non-heme iron from different food sources.

Spinach contains appreciable amounts of vitamin A as well. Consuming foods rich in vitamin A can help improve iron metabolism, thereby preventing anemia. Last but not least, the high amounts of vitamin B9 in spinach can prevent anemia by folic acid deficiency.


Red meat

Meat red is one of the most potent and well absorbed from dietary sources iron. Doctors recommend increasing intake of red meat to successfully fight iron deficiency anemia. A single serving of red meat contain about 2.75 to 3.32 mg of this mineral. Red meat, especially organ meat is an excellent source of B vitamins. It is important to consume vitamin B-rich foods as a deficiency of this vitamin can cause anemia.

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The richest source of iron in the diet is beef liver. A single serving of beef liver can fulfill almost hundred percent of an individual’s dietary recommended intake (RDI) of iron and B vitamins, however, limit intake of red meat only three times a week, as the red meat contains high amounts of cholesterol.

Red Meat

dried apricots

dried apricots also They make the list of foods rich in iron because it contains appreciable amounts of iron in the diet of good quality. Only 100 grams (20 dried apricots) contain a whopping 6.3 mg of iron. Therefore, eating a handful of apricots every day can help meet nearly 35 percent of the recommended (RDA) of iron daily allowance. dried apricots contain good amounts of vitamin A and (3604IU vitamin A per 100g). dried apricots also contain small amounts of copper. This mineral is extremely important for the normal absorption of dietary iron by the body.

Dried Apricots


Gorge molluscs such as clams, oysters and mussels, as they are some of the richest natural sources of heme iron. Just one hundred grams of clams contain about 28 mg of iron, while 100 grams of oysters contain 12 mg of iron and mussels of the same weight contains almost 6.72 mg iron of good quality. people suffering from anemia consuming wild caught seafood is recommended because it is low in contaminants such as mercury.

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Seafood is an excellent source of protein and B vitamins A deficiency of either of these nutrients can also instigate or exacerbate the problem of anemia. Appreciable amounts of zinc in shellfish can prevent dysfunction of the protein of the plasma membrane, which can ultimately lead to anemia.



soybean meal at form of soy milk, tofu, soy powder or roasted soybeans can help treat anemia successfully. Only half a cup of cooked soybeans has about 4.4 mg of iron. Besides iron, soybeans contain a lot of essential nutrients that can help prevent anemia. Some important nutrients that are present in soy and soy products that help fight anemia include copper, vitamin E, folic acid and choline. drink soy milk twice a day is an excellent way to prevent anemia. Besides iron, soy milk is also a rich source of protein.


Dark Chocolate

This is the perfect excuse to enjoy delicious black chocolate. Just 100 grams of black chocolate quality contains almost 17 mg of iron. The black chocolate also contains high amounts of a flavonoid called flavanols. Flavanols help stimulate blood circulation and prevent anemia that arises due to poor circulation. However, eating chocolates alone will not help to overcome anemia. To treat anemia eat chocolates in combination with other iron-rich foods.

Dark Chocolate

Super Foods

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