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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Cinnamon In The Garden

You have probably used cinnamon in your kitchen in many different ways, but this spice is equally useful in your garden. Those who have been using to say that has transformed your garden, lush and healthy environment. Cinnamon has many uses in the garden, but in this case we chose these six special ones:

1. cinnamon kills fungi

are you ‘sick and tired’ of pulling mushrooms in your garden? If so, just call cinnamon their rapid ransom
This is the way to do this: Sprinkle cinnamon around the points where persistent fungi continue to emerge. It will definitely keep “disciplined”

2. Cinnamon powder propagating cuttings

If you’re short of rooting hormones, your best option is to use the cinnamon to propagate cuttings. Just dip the cuttings in clean water and roll in cinnamon powder just before planting. It will act as prevention against plant diseases and infections when the cuttings root. It can also be used in the course of graft

. Note: Although “land” and “powder” means the same cinnamon, still noticeable differences between brands. Some are redder and stronger flavor, while others are golden and fragrant. This is because not all cinnamon is really cinnamon! The pale, the aromatic variety is true mark or Ceylon cinnamon while the darker variety is commonly known as cassia .

[seaconseja caution as most of cinnamon powder sold in the US It is exactly the variety of cassia, although the true cinnamon is favored in Europe and Latin America. In each case, cinnamon powder begins life as the fragrant inner bark a tree . Trees are part of a family of closely related species found in China, Sri Lanka, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam and other tropical and semitropical countries.

When dried, bark forms long, wooded “spikes” or cinnamon sticks, which can be soaked in liquid to add its characteristic flavor wound. Moler dry powder sticks makes it more versatile and easier to add to your garden or solutions spice recipes.

Ceylon cinnamon gourmet grocery is available online and through, so it is very handy for keeping both hands, and experiment with them in their garden exploits.

3. Cinnamon deters insects (especially ants)

Use cinnamon powder every time you spot ants “marching and attract” around their fragile plants garden! Actually, if you want to get rid of annoying ants in your yard, call again cinnamon to your rescue. Sprinkle cinnamon on slopes and hills of ants everywhere and do not want to see the life of the ant. They hate the smell of cinnamon, and will soon start to avoid those places where swollen.

4. Cinnamon protecting seedlings from plant diseases

There are various fungi and other plant diseases that could easily cause your seedlings to fade. Therefore, making the dust of her soil with fresh powder to protect your seedlings from the attacks of various diseases cinnamon.

5. Cinnamon is an effective fungicide

Have you stained plants suffering from diseases caused by fungi? If so, then mix a little cinnamon in hot water and let steep for the night. Sprain and poured into a spray bottle. Spray the plants with this remedy. It does work!

6. Cinnamon is a “plant doctor” that heals wounds plants’

Finally , cinnamon is great for plants suffering from wounds. Again, cinnamon powder into the wound leaf branch or to help promote rapid healing and recovery plant.

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