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6 Homemade Hair Nourishing Packs For Winter

Winter is the time when the environment wreaks havoc on our hair. The hair tends to dry, no roughness, split ends tend to develop and the skin loses its moisture. Special care is required at this time to help stay healthy, nourished and shiny hair. You can prepare a number of packages nutritious hair at home to take care of your hair during the winter. Cold winds and dryness in the atmosphere will not be able to damage the hair.

Hair Easy Packs for winter:

1 egg and banana package

helps nourish bananas the skin while moisturizing from within. Eggs add a bouncy effect and help the hair stay shiny. For this package, you need two ripe bananas and two eggs. Mash the bananas well and mix with beaten eggs to make a smooth paste. Apply this package and allowed to stand for thirty minutes. Rinse with cold water when the package is dry. You shall love your hair soft and healthy.

Egg And Banana Pack

2. apple cider vinegar and banana package

to prepare this package, you will need three bananas and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mash the bananas and add the apple cider vinegar. Mix well to form a smooth paste. Apple cider vinegar helps in cleaning the scalp and hair cuticles also clarifies that makes shiny hair. Add a few drops of essential oil if desired. Apply this mask and allowed to stand for ten minutes at least. Then you rinse hair.This package can make your hair soft, reduce dryness and help you stay healthy.

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Apple Cider Vinegar And Banana Pack

3. Package avocado

avocado is rich in vitamins, natural oils and healthy fats that are all very effective in making your hair healthy. Avocados also help in preventing hair loss due to drying and other problems of the hair. three or four avocados are needed and crushes them well enough to have his fine paste. Apply this paste all over the hair and scalp. Let the package remain for thirty minutes and then rinse with warm water. Avocados offer incredible brightness, help in reducing open and helps in reducing damage to the hair ends.

Avocado Pack

4. Milk and honey package

This is the best package to nourish dry hair winter. You need a cup of whole milk and three tablespoons of honey. Mix both ingredients well to honey and milk are thoroughly mixed. Dampen the hair and then apply this mixture on the scalp and hair. Let the package are maintained for at least one hour. This is a package of effective hair that will not only nourish your hair, but will help keep you dry winter environment protected. It is not greasy and helps make hair manageable.

Milk And Honey Pack

5. Mask potato

potato juice is a great food for dry hair, especially during the winter months. You will need a large potato. You need to have peeling and juice is extracted. Add a tablespoon of honey in the juice and use the mixture to massage on your hair. You can massage the hair and scalp. Let it stay for ten minutes and then rinse using warm water. Her hair remains soft, smooth and shiny, even in winter.

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Potato Mask

6. Package pumpkin

to prepare this benefit package you need a cup of pumpkin puree mixed with a teaspoon of honey. It should mix well to make a smooth paste. You can apply this paste on the hair. Let the package is maintained for at least 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and minerals that helps nourish hair.

Pumpkin Pack

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