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6 Home Remedies For Chigger Bites

chigger bites can be very irritating, because it can cause itching and pain. This insect is small and red. This mite belongs to the spider. These insects are found mostly in the landscapes of thick grass and bushes and long grass. They love to suck the blood of his victim. Some of the symptoms of chigger bites are redness, irritation, blisters, mild or severe shock, hives, itching and pain. The goals of errors in the soft, delicate and sensitive skin areas such as armpits, knees, ankles and waist. chigger mites have a kind of digestive enzyme that sticks to the skin with larvae and gets injected into the skin. This in turn becomes blisters and shock. Some people may even experience a burning sensation and terrible pain in the skin. Do not worry, as there are many different home remedies available to cure this problem.

Here are 6 home remedies for chigger

1. Ice

ice acts as a cooling agent when used in blisters and infected areas of the skin. You can put ice directly on the affected or make a compress by placing ice cubes in a cotton cloth and turn it into a package part. Then use it to gently massage the skin. It can provide some relief from this problem instantly. You can test this therapy 3-4 times a day for quick relief of pain.

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2. Castor oil

Rub some castor oil on the blisters. It can prevent dry skin can cause more discomfort. Moreover, elements in castor oil allow the skin to heal faster. It acts as a great calming agent also. Use this oil on a daily basis for best results [ 1 ].

Castor Oil

3. Herbal tea

Drink plenty of herbal tea when bitten by this bug . Herbal tea has the power to stop the spread of infection in our body. It can destroy digestive enzymes inserted by chiggers. In addition, herbal tea is a natural tonic medicine that can improve inflamed and damaged skin. Consuming more than this tea to reduce blisters and wounds [ 2 ].

Herbal Tea

4. Hot bath

is recommended to take a hot shower immediately after a bedbug . The warmth of the water can kill the microbes present in the skin. At the same time warm bath can soothe and pacify irritated skin. Remember to use a mild soap, because soaps with strong formula can worsen your skin condition. It is better to have continuous hot showers every day until the symptoms disappear, because it can protect your skin [ 3 ].

Hot Bath

5. Unscented

lavender essential oil is well known in the treatment of many problems and is used in several home remedies especially for skin related issues. This oil can be applied directly to the affected area. Add a few drops and rub gently. Apart from this, you can also choose tea tree or thyme essential oil. These essential oils can maintain the skin moisture and also relaxes inflamed skin. To do so, usually for free skin blister [ 4 ].

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Lavender Oil

6. Cornstarch

Mix a handful of cornstarch in the tub bathroom and have a bath with her. This method is very effective in reducing the redness and pain of the swollen skin. In addition, corn starch can prevent and halt the growth or spread of pain in your body [ 5 ].


follow any of the above solutions and heal themselves from chigger bites in the country.

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