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6 Health Benefits of Green Tea With Lemon For Long Life

Before discussing the benefits of green tea with lemon, you must know its origins. Green tea, which originated in China is one of the healthiest drinks. This tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. It undergoes minimal oxidation during processing; results in a high value of flavonoids is retained. Flavonoids are a group of phytochemicals found in plants, which fight disease. Green tea is also rich in catechins, which helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure over time.

It is also known that regular consumption of green tea may help prevent heart disease and certain cancers. A sure shot way to deal with problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and weight gain – is to have a cup of green tea every day. It is advisable to have green tea with lemon to extract more benefits from it. Also green tea with lemon drink is tastier than the old leaves prepared.

Effect Lemony

Green tea with lemon is believed to be more potent than green tea alone. Lemon effect increases the health benefits. Vitamin C in the lemon helps to absorb the healthy compounds in green tea efficiently. A research study at Purdue University has shown that lemon helped absorb 13% more of the catechins in green tea when consumed without it. The benefits of green tea are certainly better when taken with adequate amounts of lemon. Green tea with lemon is equivalent to any super food. It becomes evident when the benefits of green tea with lemon known.

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What are the benefits of green tea with lemon?


Here are 6 health benefits of green tea with lemon

  • aid lose weight : polyphenols and caffeine in green tea can actually stimulate fat oxidation and increase the metabolic rate by 4%. This means you burn more calories and digest fats quickly. Green tea with lemon thus alters the metabolism and helps you lose weight at a steady pace.
  • A great help for diabetics : green tea catechins can help maintain stable levels of blood sugar in diabetics. beverages rich in catechins are known to benefit patients with type 2 diabetes insulin secretion capacity increases significantly in the consumption of green tea with lemon for 3 months.
  • helps maintain a healthy blood pressure :. Green tea improves blood flow and reduces cholesterol, which is extremely useful in maintaining the right blood pressure
  • prevents cancer : Research has shown that polyphenols in green tea can help in the growth of healthy cells at all stages. This can be useful in cancer prevention.
  • acts as an antidepressant: slowly sipping green tea can help fight stress and is also useful in the treatment of depression. An amino acid called theanine in green tea produces a calming effect. Of course, you can tell the difference in a cup, but certainly when it became a habit.
  • Source of brain nutrition: Your brain also needs nourishment just like other body parts. People who regularly drink green tea have improved brain activity. Another benefit of drinking green tea with lemon is that it blocks the formation of plaques that cause Alzheimer’s disease.
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How to make green tea?

The recipe for green tea is very simple. So let’s see how to make a cup of hot green tea or a cup of green tea ice cooling.

Citrus-Honey Green Tea

As we now know, the lemon can greatly improve the quality of green tea; make a quick green tea with added benefits of citrus and honey for ourselves.



Thus savor your cup of green tea with lemon is ready!

green lemon iced tea

summer season makes it difficult for many to take a hot drink. To get the benefits of green tea, we bring you a frozen version in this great recipe.



On my advice, make green tea with lemon a part of your daily regimen. Aim for at least 4 cups a day and see the magic. It regularly drink will give you all the health benefits mentioned above. So why wait! Grab your cup of good health today.


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