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6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love, #5 Will Blow Your Mind


She is the most amazing gift a man can have. She cares about you, she loves and she also bothers him most. There are many habits that have a woman who is really annoying to humans. Keep calling habits like, act like a child while doing something, autofotos talk, see and then remove and redo the same spending too much time in stores, etc., are some of the most annoying woman according to a man.

Today we are sharing habits or female feminine behaviors can say that men are absolutely loving. Have a look.

1. buries his head in his chest

Men love when a woman puts her head on his chest. Then they feel like real men who give their loved one a sense of security.

2. He plays with his hair when driving a car

is not only physical pleasure resulting from stroking his head. Men receive the caress as an expression of love, affection and the need to contact the couple.

3. She praises him in Facebook

is obvious – men love when the audience appreciate


4. Listen carefully

This Make love feel.

5. Send a SMS / calls Be in a meeting with friends

The incredibly happy guy when you give to understand that you think about it, even being busy with something else.

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6. It turns out that affection in public

When detected at first hand when it is in the checkout line when correcting hair -. All these gestures make the heart beat faster

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