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6 Best Ways To Cure Runny Nose

Runny Nose

runny nose is the scientific name runny nose. The condition occurs in the nasal cavity where it is filled with liquid significant amount of mucus, and the condition is commonly referred to as “runny nose.” This is the most common, common and annoying problem. Although this disease does more good for us, it is worrying that has a runny nose. It is good in a sense because most mucus creation is a way of removing viruses and bacteria cold or flu outside the body. The main causes of allergic reactions are runny nose, sinus infections and sudden changes in water or weather. If not cured properly runny nose can also cause earache, headache, cough, etc. There are many safe methods to cure a runny nose and some of them are listed below.

The best ways to treat runny nose

salt water

Salt is the most important ingredient life. There is no such house in which the salt is not used. It is the best natural remedy for runny nose as it helps thin the mucus making it easy and comfortable to expel the body. The salt solution prepared from salt and hot water also helps clear the nasal passages.

Salt Water


Turmeric widely used by women for cosmetic purposes. The medicinal values ​​of turmeric it a valuable product for many purposes. It works as an antidote to various health conditions. make anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory turmeric anti-viral properties, and in an effective way to treat runny nose and cold. Milk, mixed with turmeric powder (one teaspoon), provides quick relief from runny nose.

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Steam is also another effective way to cure the runny nose. In fact, it is the best natural home remedy. This helps in cleaning runny nose by redness of the mucosa. Others, such as cold, etc. common sneezing also can be completely cured with the help of steam. You can also mix eucalyptus or menthol oil for hot water and inhale the steam from the hot water. This has powerful medicinal properties that reduce and cured completely runny nose.


herbal tea

tea it has been medically proven that herbs can cure many infections, diseases, etc. There are different types of herbal tea on the market today. This tea can also be sweetened by adding honey to it increases the antibacterial property. This tea has a slow but steady effect on runny nose. So make a habit of drinking herbal tea twice a day has to be practiced for complete healing of nasal discharge.

Herbal Tea


Honey has properties secondary anti-bacterial. It is very effective in destroying viruses or bacteria that cause runny nose. The bacterium has developed resistance to antibiotics used for nasal drip. And the use of high intensity drug can become chronic with unwanted side effects. It follows that honey can rely on an antidote for the condition of runny nose. If the possible use of one hundred percent natural honey is suggested for this purpose.

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eat something spicy

Eat something spicy help cure runny nose while eating something cold helps increase produces cold runny nose. Eating something spicy is one of the natural methods to cure this condition as the mechanism involved in reducing the condition includes natural chemical that activates brain cells to act as anti-bacterial and also to increase expel excess mucus. The chemical capsaicin active spicy food nervous controlling the thickness and the amount of mucus system. This chemical mucus that can be easily expelled by blowing nostril individually thins.

Eat Spicy Food

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