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6 Best Natural Juices That Fight Kidney Stones

Kidney stones develop when contaminants accumulate in the kidneys. Crystallization of these compounds causes kidney stones. Traditionally, certain fruit juices and vegetables are used to help clean up toxic waste from the kidneys and improve kidney function. These natural juices contain certain compounds that help dissolve kidney stones and minimize the formation of recurrent kidney stones. If you are suffering from kidney stones or have an increased risk of kidney stones, consider including the following juices in your diet.

Here are 6 natural juices best fighting kidney stones:

1. Lemon Juice

Juice lemon is one of the best sources of citric acid. It helps increase the level of citrate in the urine which helps in blocking the formation of kidney stones. Susceptible to recurrent kidney stones people can drink fresh lemon juice mixed with a glass of hot water in the morning. [ 1 ] also seems to help reduce the pain associated with kidney stones.

Lemon Juice

2. Orange juice

orange juice is another rich source of citrate that helps in the fight against kidney stones. It works by increasing the citrate concentration in the urine and decrease the acidity of urine. [ 2 ] Orange juice is considered as an effective alternative to drugs potassium citrate used to treat kidney stones.

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orange juice

3. Basil Juice

Regular consumption of a teaspoon of basil juice mixed with equal quantity of honey seems to help in laundering the stones in the kidney. Basil juice helps improve kidney functions. [ 3 ] can take 5 to 6 months to remove urinary tract stones with the juice of basil.

basil juice

4. celery juice

to expel kidney stones, drink celery juice a day. The diuretic effect of celery helps in cleansing the kidneys. This helps in flushing toxic compounds that are responsible for the formation of kidney stones. [ 4 ]

Celery juice

5. the juice Granada

consumption of fresh juice a day Granada can also help in the treatment of kidney stones. Granada juice is loaded with vitamin C. [ 5 ] Vitamin C plays an important role in helping the body absorb calcium and inhibiting the formation of insoluble compounds crystallized calcium to form kidney stones.

Pomegranate Juice

6. Watermelon juice

watermelon juice is beneficial for people suffering from kidney stones. The high water content of watermelon help in flushing impurities from the kidneys and the dissolution of kidney stones. [ 6 ]

watermelon juice

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