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6 best home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

home remedies to lighten dark lips

Want home remedies to lighten dark lips and get so Natural pink and beautiful lips? Check out these home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally without any hassles.

pink lips and pink are very important parameters of the beauty of a woman. It is because dewy lips and red hum safety ratios glamor and home remedies that need to lighten dark lips naturally. No lipstick stain is required at all times to get a pink touch to your pout. Instead, they rely on home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally. You can try home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally at home to bring a reddish tinge on the lips naturally without much cost.

lips do not have oil glands which is why environmental factors such as fluctuating humidity, direct sunlight or strong winds are more likely to cause damage to the lips. So it is necessary to take proper care of the lips to prevent drying and broke.

Here are some very effective home remedies appear to lighten their naturally dark lips

1. beet juice for pink lip

Home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

This red fruit has miraculous powder to redden lips naturally. Bursting with the powers of betanina and vulgaxantin, beets have amazing anti-oxidant properties that make it a beneficial aid in curing dark pigmentation and discoloration of the lips.

As you know beets have natural red stain that works a great deal in reddening her lips naturally. All you have to do is squeeze the juice of beet after grid and then dab gently on the lips for 5-7 minutes and let stand for one hour. So easy and cheap! The results:. Pouts pink, rose and beauty in a jiffy

In addition to this recipe, you can use beet with cream. Mix one tablespoon of beet juice with a tablespoon of cream and then massage your lips with this resulting preparation every night before going to bed and leave it overnight. Repeat this process continuously for 7 days and feel the difference in the color of your lips. It is one of the best home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

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2. lemon juice, glycerin, honey mixture to lighten his dark lips

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Free your lips from dryness this miracle recipe that acts as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally. All you need is a half tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of glycerol and a tablespoon of lemon juice to prepare this nourishing mask. Mix all these ingredients and massage on the lips.

This natural infusion has lots of goodness of the three active agents to clarify the skin that is why this potent blend nourishes lips to make them soft and pink.

3. Cilantro for pink lips and pink

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Another home remedy kitten Mother Nature is coriander leaves that can be used on their lips. Do not get surprised! It is true! coriander leaves are chock-a-block with vitamin A, C, D, K and B9 and help treat pigmented lips and as a result gets filled magnificently pink and lips. You can use coriander leaves paste on the lips, as it serves as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

Any cilantro pasta rub on her lips for a few minutes or can dry lips with a generous layer of coriander juice to make them more complete, attractive and pink.

4. Sugar and honey scrub

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally
If you are looking for a natural remedy that can lighten the darkness of her lips, then sugar and honey scrub can do this job very effectively.

Just mix a tablespoon of sugar with 2 tablespoons honey and rub gently on the lips until sugar granules are melted completely. This process removes dead cells, discoloration of lips to make your lips soft and pinkish tinge. Later, treat your lips to massage olive oil to nourish the skin to complete the procedure.

Since, olive oil has vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to fondle her lovely lips. This beauty trick not only work as home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally, but also make your lips soft pink and also within 3 days of use.

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5. Strawberry and Vaseline lip balm homemade

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Women around the world use lip balm strawberry replenish moisture levels of your lips. And it goes without saying that Vaseline is the most popular and hassle free recipe to soothe chapped lips.

Why not prepare a balm for lips at home by combining these two active moisturizing agents to pamper your pout instantly? All you need to do is crush a strawberry and mix it with a tablespoon of Vaseline and spread a thick layer of this preparation on the lips for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

This fine and gentle exfoliating help in cell renewal and wear a pink stain on the lips naturally. For if, as the strawberry little like other berries have a high amount of vitamin C to his name, which helps in the formation of collagen, therefore, assist in the table of wrinkles around the lips.

6. saffron and ghee (clarified butter) remedy

home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally

Another herbal remedy that can be used in their lips without any hassles is saffron and butter mixture. Here it is how to do this preparation :. Mix 2 saffron threads for ghee and massage gently on the lips

See nourished and hydrated lips feel after this application. Treatment as simple and fuss free dark lips at home!


You have come to know about the 6 best natural remedies for treating dark lips, which can be used in the comfort of your home. All these recipes are very effective and very easy on the pocket and therefore, getting to the list of home remedies to lighten dark lips naturally.

So be sure to incorporate beauty tips mentioned in your daily beauty routine and you sure get positive results beyond expectations. Let us know what you think of these tricks by writing to us in the comments section. Also, spread the love of sympathy and share this article with your girl bands, family and friends.

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