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6 Amazing Must-Try Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair Fall

excessive hair loss is a very common and disturbing problem that is faced by a majority of the population today. There are many factors including dysfunctional thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency anemia, the natural aging process and stress (to name a few) that can start overtly and covertly and also aggravate this condition. Excessive hair loss, if left untreated, can lead to baldness. There are countless home remedies that can stop the problem of extreme hair loss in a highly effective manner. Some reliable home remedies for hair loss are discussed below.

An Insight into some amazing home remedies to control excessive hair loss

Castor oil

massaging the scalp regularly with warm castor oil will improve blood circulation in this area, and prevent excessive hair loss. common scalp infections like ringworm infections brick house and can cause hair loss in clumps. The powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties of castor oil can successfully fight these scalp conditions and thus stop the fall of extreme hair. For best results massage the scalp with warm castor oil at least twice a week.

Castor Oil


consumption currants fresh magic is a home remedy to combat the problem of excessive hair loss. Currants contain high amounts of vitamin C – about 445 mg / 100 g. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C such as Indian gooseberry can control common hair conditions, like brittle hair and split ends that aggravate the problem of hair loss. The powerful antioxidants of this sour fruit, super can successfully fight the ravages of free radicals, which can also cause severe hair loss.

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Curry Leaf

sheet dark green curry is another potent natural remedy to control a problem of hair loss. This well-known herb offers one of the best solutions to prevent hair loss condition unmitigated. The application of a freshly ground thick paste Curry leaves the scalp, you can restore the strength of the hair follicles, which are often damaged due to high pollution levels and also due to regular use of products for the chemical hair loaded . Curry leaves not only help unclog hair follicles, but also helps to strengthen hair roots. Curry leaves rich vitamin C can also instigate new hair growth.

Curry Leaf

coconut milk

Massaging scalp with coconut milk freshly drawn is an excellent home remedy to stop hair loss. fresh coconut milk contains a fatty acid medium chain called lauric acid. This particular fatty acid has numerous antibacterial and antiviral properties that can combat the conditions of common scalp.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk also contains significant amounts of vitamin E – which can nourish the leather hair and deep to prevent extreme hair loss. hair ends and brittle division can aggravate the problem of hair loss. Natural fats present in coconut milk can moisturize the hair shaft and control the problem of dry, brittle hair. For best results massage the scalp with rich freshly drawn milk, coconut, at least twice a week.

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The beautiful hibiscus flower or shoe is often used as a home remedy for hair loss control. hibiscus leaves contain finely ground slippery juices plants that are especially beneficial to soothe the irritated very itchy scalp – leather dry scalp condition as it may aggravate the problem of hair loss. Application of paste shoe flower crushed on the scalp can also restore the natural pH balance of the scalp. Moreover, hibiscus flower contains several essential minerals that can strengthen hair from root to tip and stop hair loss. To control the fall of extreme hair, finely grind five to six hibiscus flowers and apply this paste on the scalp at least three times a week.


Aloe Vera Gel

gel freshly extracted from the aloe vera plant can stop hair loss problem. aloe vera gel contains many essential vitamins and minerals that can help stop hair loss and thus promote hair growth. The aloe vera gel, when applied to the scalp acts as a natural conditioner scalp. Aloe vera gel helps control dandruff problem is the number one cause behind the extreme hair loss. Pure aloe vera gel also contains polysaccharides and glycoprotein that promotes the growth of new hair follicles and hair loss stops.

Aloe Vera

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

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