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50 Shades of Poop: Don’t Worry, We Won’t Tell Anyone You Looked!

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what is the one thing nobody likes to talk, but it really should? Not sex. It is not religion. No, not politics, either. It is poop. Obviously everyone performs this bodily function, because if I did I would not be alive. But unfortunately, no one likes to talk about it. The very idea of ​​talking about our poop with others is not something I ever want to imagine, since most people look at us like we were nuts and run in the other direction. Most of us, especially women, were taught from an early age that talk about bodily functions is simply bad manners. With this in mind, we avoid it at all costs.


So, honestly, that is the only person who never argue with what happens in the bathroom? Maybe your doctor, possibly. But if it does, how often would you say it is? And if they do happen to ask about their bodily functions, it is likely to give a simple gesture and pray for an instant to the next question on the checklist jump.

Well, we’re here to talk about what we think we know, somewhere in the back of his mind. And most likely the only thing you’re probably too reluctant to write in a Google search. That’s right, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about poop!

First things first: What makes you go, you know, # 2

Many times when we deal with issues like indigestion, gas, constipation or diarrhea, the first thing that comes to mind is: What are we eating that is causing us felt this way? What is too much? What’s not enough? And what you should eat to make you go?

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Feeling Gassy ??

The gas passage is the shape of your body to relieve pressure built trapped inside the foods you eat. While it is true that certain foods can trigger you pass gas, it is normal to pass gas anywhere from 15-30 times a day. Fun fact: Most farts are held at night while sleeping.

What is the correct way to poop?

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It was not until a few hundred years in the 1800s that he developed the modern version of the toilet. But what really sitting on the toilet? Well, to be technically not the correct angle for colon relaxes and allows a movement of healthy, liquid intestine. So what is the right way, many cultures around the world still use? Squatting . Because of the way our body is built, it is more anatomical for us to squat while removing.

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What color should it be? Yes, really go there!

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Why is poop Brown?

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What is the momentum of the fact?

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How often should you go?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not uncommon to go without a bowel movement every day. According to professional opinion, “normal” is considered anywhere from 3 times a day for three days. So what could be normal for you might be completely different for someone else. Our intestinal flora is truly unique to each of us, so never compare your body to another person functions. Remember that consistency is just what is normal for her; there is no such thing as strange!

Whatever your momentum say about you?

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The 3 main things to look for whenever you delete

  1. Frequency
  2. Results
  3. Color

We have a float here!

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Everyone is going to television-MD, Dr. Oz, won notoriety years to go the Oprah and the description of the perfect stern: long, S-shaped, and solid. When the stool floats take this as a bad sign, and know that this is happening due to poor absorption in the body.

The 3 most common myths about the momentum that are totally incorrect

  1. supposed to smell terrible . Although we do not believe that is naturally going to smell like a bouquet of freshly cut roses, with poor fecal odor is a clear indication of infection or a more serious digestive disease within your body.
  2. The colon can always use a good rinse . DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. With the popularity of colonics, it came along this myth that the colon can benefit from a routine washing. This could not be further from the truth. Like antibiotics can not tell the difference between good bacteria (healthy) of the bad bacteria that our bodies need, colon cleansing destroys all bacteria. Therefore, ultimately, this is very dangerous for you. Keep away.
  3. Taking your time is healthy . Studies show a direct link between the “toilet reading” and hemorrhoids. More information about this directly under “come and go”
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come and go

olivia munn

Ah, the truth about reading toilet. This may be more for men, but the truth is that “toilet reading” (ie, sitting in the pot for long periods of time pretending poop) is really very bad for your digestive health. How is that? Well, it’s not only unhealthy, as often our hands dirty contact reading materials (and good ol ‘iPhone in hand), but this forced strain can also lead to hemorrhoids. These painful bugs come as a result of stress and added stress in our colon. Ditch the phone, and only go to the bathroom when you know it’s go time.

and finally, how to have a great momentum-Every time!

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  • Eat a good diet

The diets rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber help promote normal trash. Diets high in fat confuse your body and lead to constipation.

  • Position

Note that the above diagrams show the difference between sitting and squatting? Invest in a small stool (size of a child will be enough) and start propping his feet on that to help with the smooth removal. Fun fact:. More than half of the world’s population still squats while caca

  • Timing

This may sound silly, but the setting time aside every day to use the bathroom is crucial to your health. You want to feel comfortable, unhurried, and be able to have a few minutes of uninterrupted time “me”.

  • Exercise

For people who live a sedentary life, which are much more prone to digestive problems-specifically constipation. Get up and move to get the digestive process run smoothly.

  • drink plenty of fluids … Specifically water!

As mentioned above in “what is fact” image, 75% of our stool is composed of water. The more water you drink, the more likely you naturally get things moving.

This may sound like a lot of information, but trust us, what happens with what comes out of you say more about your health than almost anything can. Start paying attention, because the answer could be right in front of you and behind you. Hehe 🙂

The 50 tones momentum:. Do not worry, we will not tell anyone you seemed first appeared in Gut Health Project

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