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5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain

Cure back pain with these five yoga positions. This helps in stimulating the mind and strengthens and fine-tune the body. Stretch your body every day by performing – cat / stretching cow, turn alternative spine, abdominal modified alternate knee to stretch in the chest and rolling bridge pose to open the lower back and give pain relief back pain and stiffness

back pain. It is said to affect everyone at some point in our lives and can really suck our energy and motivation. Luckily, yoga has been shown to reduce symptoms of back pain and help build strength and flexibility to build resilience and avoid in the future.

Here are 5 simple yoga movements designed to help relieve back pain instantly. Take every move slowly; try to express all the details that understands every move.

5 pulls yoga for relief of back pain

1. Cat / Cow Stretch

From all fours with your hands and knees and shoulders even hips, inhale slowly as the eyes and sitting bones are gently lift up. Now exhale slowly roll through the spine of your sit bones to the crown of the head allowing the spine to round and roll like an angry cat. Repeat now to allow the next inhalation to bow again slowly spine, and exhaling all year. Try pressing down with the top of the foot for an extra challenge and to shoot the pelvic floor muscles. Repeat while refining the movement along the whole spine with each breath.

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2. Active Money spine

lying on his back taking both knees in line with hips, feet in line with your knees at about 90 degrees and elbows wide pushing down on the floor support. Take your knees slowly during tilting up and off the ground. Slowly bring them back to the center and double on the other side, not forgetting to keep your knees higher than your feet. Keep your body as stable as possible, and fluid and controlled movement.

3. The modified crunches

In the same starting position lift the chest, arms and head off the mat allowing your lower back to get to the mat as the bow in reduces your lower back. Be mindful to keep your head up so that it will not pull on your neck muscles, so that both stretch the muscles of the middle and lower back, while strengthening their core and help realign any imbalance in his pelvic tilt.

4. Alternate Knee To Chest

still in the back, take both feet down on the floor so that your knees are facing the sky. Now take a knee towards the chest and squeeze for a moment to stretch the muscles along the side of the back, place your foot on the floor and bring the opposite knee in the chest and grip. Repeat this process with the control and try to bring the feeling of the left hip and right on the line as you go.

5. Rolling Bridge

still in the back, started playing with the pelvic tilt in detail. As you inhale, arch your spine so that the lumbar area of ​​the mat, but not the back of his chest. On your exhale bring the lower back on the mat and allow the front of the pelvis to reach toward his face, as if you were pulling up to the front of his pants. The movement is subtle and looks like cow cat in the spine while lying down.

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To go further, to start again with inhalation arching your spine, now use exhalation not only to tilt the pelvis, but roll the spine to the end on the bridge, and the same breath rolling down the spine back to the canvas and repetition.

Well done! Try at first to do each of these exercises for 10 reps gather the number once they become easy. Remember that none of them should aggravate or cause any discomfort. If any exercise makes you feel worse attempt to go out, at least temporarily, while in other areas force is built. Always try to relax that helps calm the body and can be almost as effective in relieving stress as the movements themselves.

try to do the whole sequence every morning, just as you wake to give you the best chance of a free day pain -. with the option to repeat more often if necessary or if you want to really take control of your back pain

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