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5 Wonderful Fruit Scrubs For A Beautiful Skin

flawless skin makes your stay pleasant and attractive. This can be achieved with the help of some amazing fruit bushes. Fruits work great on the skin. So why spend money on expensive cosmetics when a lot of fruit to your skin radiant and flawless. A lot of people including fruits in your diet. Scrubs prefer to include fruit in your regular beauty regime.

This article is all about the Fruit scrubs for having beautiful skin

1. Blueberry and lemon juice Scrub

Blueberries they are very effective in reducing the excess amount of oil on your skin. This fruit fight signs of aging and erases skin imperfections. Take five blueberries. Grate. Place the pureed blueberries in a small bowl. Now, add small amount of lemon juice to the pasta. Smudged this paste on the neck and face. Let dry pack for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash the skin with cold water. This exfoliating face rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.

Blueberry And Lemon Juice

2. Kiwi and Sugar Scrub

This tropical fruit works wonders in boosting skin elasticity. This fruit when applied makes your skin firm. Take a kiwi and remove its skin. Place fruit in a bowl. Now, finely mash. Add a little sugar to kiwi fruit puree. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply on the neck, face, legs and hands. Wait a while and removes wash with normal water.

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Kiwi And Sugar Scrub

3. Papaya and Oatmeal Scrub

This delicious fruit moisturizes the skin and thus gives you a radiant skin. Take some papaya pulp and add some oatmeal and sugar in it. The combination of these ingredients carefully. Apply this scrub on the skin. Massaging the skin with this scrub for a few minutes. Let the brush dry naturally for two to five minutes. Then rinse the scrub with water.

Papaya And Oatmeal Scrub

4. Watermelon and chickpea flour Scrub

Watermelon moisturizes the skin and acts as a natural tonic. Extract the juice of watermelon and place in a small cup. Add chickpea flour to watermelon juice. Rub your skin with this mixture. Massaging for some time. Use warm water to remove the brush from the skin. This scrub is well known to be beneficial in skin exfoliation.

Watermelon And Gram Flour

5. Scrub Strawberry and yogurt

sun’s UV rays can damage the skin. Strawberry is the ideal solution for damaged skin. Shred some fresh strawberries. Add some yogurt or sour cream strawberry paste. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly in order to notice a smooth paste. Smudged this paste on the skin of the face. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Cleanse the skin using plain water notice a fresh and clear skin.

Strawberry And Yogurt Scrub

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