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5 ways your salad is making you fat


If you think you can reduce fat only have big bowls of salad, think again. Even salads can make you fat if you do not pay attention to the ingredients that can increase your calorie intake. Beware of the following items in your salad bowl:

Seasoning: We tend to add excessive amounts of clothing to our SALAD just to make them tastier. However, the fats in the dressing may be a wet blanket. So do not soak your greens in salad dressings. If it is a large bowl, just stick to one tablespoon. Another tip: Order the dressing (make sure the base is olive oil) in a separate bowl and add yourself.

Cheese: Go easy on the cheese too. Keep your mozzarella or feta cheese cubes to a minimum. As we all know, almost all cheeses are high in calories and fat. Avoid too much mayonnaise as well.

nuts Undoubtedly, these together with the most delicious candies make your salad bowl. But be careful -. These ingredients can make your sugar intake zoom up

Croutons: Another culprit fat salad. These are rich in calories and sodium. Experts say you can opt for seeds instead of adding generous amounts of bread crumbs.

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Starchy vegetables: Some of us would like peas and corns. But there is bad news for health buffs. – Experts say that if you use these to SALAD indiscriminately calorie intake can also shoot up a couple of notches

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