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5 ways food can heal, but shame can keep you stuck

“We are inundated with information on how to be, and the more access we have , the more chances we have to I be so, but also the craziest decisions can be. I wonder, as a parent, and as a woman, what is constantly aware of? “

Ariel Foxman InStyle Mag interview June 2016.

A catalyst for change

do you feel trapped and can not seem to make any real change in their diet, exercise, health, or weight? This day and age, we get “fed” a ton of information on health, but is it really lead to real change? Maybe it’s the human condition. Thousands of years ago, the apostle Paul lamented these same words

“I do not understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act, not doing things that absolutely despise.” Romans 7:15 (The Message)

One thing that can help away from the point of being caught is to explore what really matters to you. Be aware of things that are very important for you rather than cling to what ashamed. As Brene Brown he said “shame corrodes the same part of us that believes that we can change.”

Shame, anxiety, fear and keep you stuck and immobile. Immobility is traumatizing for your mind, brain, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, endocrine system, and all other body systems.

Dr. Porges defines trauma as “immobilization of fear.”

When it comes to a change in your health, you need a catalyst. The catalyst helps propel you forward to make a choice. Honestly, your choice is more powerful than knowledge, because it has the power to bring about real change. Once you recognize the catalyst for change, share your story.

My Catalyst

My son was having headaches for a couple of years when he was 9. At first did not think much of it until the headaches were becoming more frequent and more intense. The pediatrician told us not to worry, there are more than headaches and prescribed Tylenol. It intensified while he was taking a regular Tylenol and could go to bed writhing in pain with a cold compress on the forehead.

had to make a choice: be ambivalent to their pain and continue with Tylenol or find an alternative, holistic approach. I discovered through a blood test naturopath their inflammatory response markers were high. She prescribed a couple of supplements to address this issue. Our first order of the agenda was to try to give more fat in your meals to see if your blood sugar was affecting your headaches. Then we try to cut the gluten and none of these approaches reduced the headache lot. He had suffered from headaches for years and broke my heart that my son was experiencing my same symptoms at such a young age.

Michael Greger, the author of how not to die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease said: “The main reason diseases tend to run in families may be that diets tend to run in families. ” personally, eliminating corn and all corn products was an important factor in eliminating headaches my own pace. So we decided to remove all corn products for Caeden and headaches finally began to improve.

Did you every realize how much corn is found in processed foods? It is even Tylenol I had been giving him regularly. My son learned at the age of 9 to read the labels on everything and found that very few processed foods, even without food gluten-free processed are made without corn. The removal of this group of feeds, has been the main antidote for headache relief. It is not easy for a child of 11 years old to miss the sweets and treats, and sometimes it does not, but he is more aware of what you put into your body and what may have caused a headache if it occurs again.

What is your catalyst?

I do not mean that everyone with a headache automatically be cured if they stop eating corn and corn products. By the way, Michael Pollan speaks of the awful amount of corn in the traditional American diet and American claims are “processed corn, walking.”

My point is to explain that when it comes to making a change in our diet, we need a catalyst to propel us to act. Its catalyst may be, pre-diabetes, chronic headaches, belly fat, joint pain, or high blood pressure; Whatever it is for you, do not let shame is in not seeking change and help.

choose not to get stuck. Instead, be aware of what is important to you, find a community as a remedy where its history can be heard and take the next right step towards a healthier life.

You may also feel that you have been inundated with information about health food, but do you really understand Why Food promotes healing the body Wha t foods can heal and When best food promotes healing?

I want to write a series of posts about food safety. It was a very personal experience for me and my family and I have a passion too much for you truly understand the importance of food for health. I have written below in simplified terms and is not an exhaustive list. For more clinical information you can check my sources at the bottom of this page.

Why healthy food

On average people retain only 25% of what they hear. So I’ll say it again, listen … ..

We are what we eat. Not only that, we are what we absorb.

Although it may be consistent with its many vitamins, if your diet consists mainly of junk then your body may not be able to absorb nutrients from eating incompatible healthy foods .

Your regular diet renders her unable intestine.

Let’s take a brief look at a couple of our body systems where a steady diet of healthy foods can make a big impact.

1) Your digestive system gut-

The intestine is called our second brain. Our house intestines over 70% of our immune system and are the main connection between what we eat and the effect it has on the rest of our body. intestinal health has been a subject very fashionable lately, and for good reason. If our gut is not able to function properly, then it becomes inflamed and not the absorption of nutrients from food will occur. Toxins in food can leak into the rest of the body, ( leaky gut ), and sometimes the body will work so hard to fight intestinal inflammation that the body attacks the good cells It is leading to autoimmune response.

2) Your brain- the neurological system

my son likes to call his brother fat head, because he learned in 5th grade that the brain consists of 60% fat. In fact, the brain is our fattest organ. Like babies who need adequate nutrition for brain development, adults can also feed your brain through proper nutrition. We have been intelligently created with gut-brain axis where the nervous system and digestive system communicate with each other through microorganisms living in our GI tract. Our response to stress, immune function and memory can be directly affected for better or worse by the food we eat.

3) Your hormones of the endocrine system

Our endocrine system contains glands / organs secreting important hormones. These hormones affect our growth, metabolism, internal balance, reproduction, and our fight or flight response. An important organ is our pancreas that secretes hormones, glucagon and insulin. When we eat, there needs to be a healthy balance of these two hormones. A whole foods diet comprising the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats can keep these hormones working properly. When our diet is mainly food full of sugar processed in excess then the body will get used to remain elevated levels of blood sugar and very soon become resistant to insulin, which leads to type II diabetes and many others metabolic syndrome .

4) your muscles and bones-the musculoskeletal system

My grandparents told me I eat my vegetables would make my curly hair. Pretty sure this is not a scientific fact. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals however ensure our bones and muscles remain strong and our joints lubricated remain.

Our muscles help set your metabolism, which is important to maintain a healthy weight. When our diet has destroyed our gut, the toxins seeping bowel can affect joints. One study observed that 50% of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have arthritis and about 60-70% of arthritis observed in patients with IBD affects your knees, ankles, hips, elbows and wrists. Most of these patients receive medication only for their symptoms ending inhibiting proper bowel function. For this reason, the health system needs reform and many good doctors are finally paying attention to overcoming intestinal inflammation through the balance of healthy foods.

5) Your life and health

Maya Angelou said, “My mission in life is not only to survive but to prosper. and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and a bit of style”

Your life and health may require more than food for proper healing. Stress, lack of sleep, and medication will each affect all food systems mentioned above is a good starting point, however, because we have a choice about what we put in our body.

Thriving in life is not to accumulate. It is love, serve, and give. It is about being aware vs numb without thinking. Aware of the food we put in our bodies, our time to be active, the ways in which we give our time and service to those around us. My hope is that you find your catalyst, understand what you value, slow down, be present, and make the decision to prosper.

Next week we will talk about what specific foods have healing properties.

so I ask, dear reader, as a father, and a woman, which are constantly aware of?

comment below

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