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5 ways a 10-minute walk can boost your health

No gym membership? No problem.

5 ways a 10-minute walk can boost your health

The first two minutes
Brisk walking for 2 minutes improves metabolism of time the ant-inflammatory signals are activated.
Aim for: 130 to 150 steps a minute
Source: Arizona State University and Middle Journal of the American Dietetic Association

Then three minutes
Walking only 3 minutes after each meal will control their levels of blood pressure and triglycerides, which keep cholesterol under control.
Aim for: 100 – 110 steps a minute
Source: American Heart Association

Then five minutes

Walking at a normal pace for 5 minutes increases your mood and increases self-esteem. It also keeps depression at bay
Target: 100 steps per minute
Source :. Cleveland Clinic

Then 5 – 10 minutes
brisk walking promotes creative thinking and creative inspiration. Also ups your problem solving skills.
Aim for: 100 – 130 steps a minute
Source: Stanford Research

Then 10 minutes
Walking as only 10 minutes after meals reduces the levels of blood sugar, thus reducing the risk of developing diabetes. It also reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Keep your normal pace and gradually increase.
Aim for: 100 – 150 steps a minute
Source: Harvard Medical School

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