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5 Vagina Mistakes Women Make in the Summer

Given that 75% of women have at least one vaginal infection in their lifetime,

could be vaginitis, cervicitis or a urinary tract infection, it is important that we deal with our female parts. Mostly in summer.

If you are prone to infections down there, the risk of acquiring one in the summer only increases with an increase in temperature and a subsequent increase in sweat.

Vagina Mistakes

But what can we do to make sure we are keeping optimal hygiene in warm weather? We spoke with Dr. Abigail Stapleford, the local doctor Rosa Package, a company that provides all your monthly health needs plus a few small precious details.

then all the errors of the vagina summer is likely’re doing:

1. Use tight clothing

Tight-fitting clothes can look good in the summer, but Dr. Stapleford advised to stay away from the constrictive suits, and also advised not to sit for long periods of time. That is, we are more than happy to comply with that, because it means we probably should not sit in our office chairs all day to medical reasons . ?

Dr. Stapleford explains why: “The moisture in the genital area, while the air flow is increased is reduced, creating friction and irritation no-down the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. ” Lovely

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2. Douching

You may have heard this before and is valid throughout the year, just especially in the summer. Breaking news! Your vagina is self-cleaning. “Douching may alter its natural pH balance, irritation in the vagina and actually washing away the good bacteria,” explains the doctor. “Intimate wash products are usually milder than soap and balance the pH but should only be used externally to bathe or shower,” he adds.

Vagina Mistakes

3. use sanitary napkins

pads Sorry, but the doctor says Stapleford tampons are better at this time of year. “It is more likely to keep it dry and free of moisture bacteria growing,” says Dr. Stapleford. And do not forget to change even more regularly than usual. “Replacing tampons or pads regularly will help keep the vagina clean and odor-free,” she says, advising that unscented products are a much more preferable option.

4. The use of synthetic underwear

“Cotton is king,” says the doctor. Apparently, it is breathable pants in a fabric such as cotton, because they will keep dry and fresh skin. While cotton satin fabric or other retain moisture, promoting yeast to grow which can eventually lead to infections.

5. Remove the hair and then hit the pool

Dr. Stapleford advises that any type of hair removal, either waxing, waxing or shaving should be done by at least 24-48 hours before going to the pool or beach. “A 24-hour gap prevents his increasingly irritated with chlorinated water or seawater, which can culminate in an infected skin pore” he explains.

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